Advanced Analytics

Optimize with Confidence 


Leveraging actionable data to make profitable and intelligent business decisions is truly a combination of art and science. Revionics® Advanced Analytics Services includes a broad range of services to help retailers get a higher return on investment for Price, Promotion and Markdown. Revionics Advanced Analytics Services helps retailers define a clear strategy against financial goals, accurately forecast demand, measure effectiveness and execute with confidence.

Why Revionics Advanced Analytics Services?

  • Deep retail domain expertise: Revionics has exclusively focused on retail since 2002 with retailers of all sizes, verticals and channels.
  • No one knows Revionics solutions better than Revionics. Our Advanced Analytics Services leverage the same science that is built into our solutions to provide you with the optimal results and recommendations that are tuned directly for immediate use in your Revionics solutions.
  • Our transparent results deliver the ability to drill down and examine the individual recommendations, including the “why” behind the recommendation, in clear, understandable terms.

The following services are available as part of a larger implementation initiative or as stand-alone projects.

Revionics Advanced Analytics for Price

The Revionics® Price Suite delivers solutions for all retailers regardless of current pricing processes or sophistication. Revionics® Advanced Analytics for Price services include:

  • Key Value Item Analysis: What are the key items that drive your price image?
  • Item Strategy Position Analysis (ICA): What items should you promote versus price for margin?
  • Elasticity and Strategy Workbench: What are the right pricing strategies for your products based on your customers’ behavior and which best deliver your financial objectives?
  • Store Zone Cluster Analysis: What stores should have similar pricing strategies based on shopper behavior?
  • Competitive Response Analysis: Which competitors and which products show the greatest customer response to competitor price changes? What should be the optimal price index relative to these competitors?
  • Performance Boost: How can you help ensure best performance over time?

Revionics Advanced Analytics for Promotion

The Revionics® Promotion Suite enables retailers to deliver impactful promotions and achieve their strategic and financial objectives. Revionics® Advanced Analytics for Promotion services include:

  • Item Strategy Position Analysis (ICA): What items should you promote versus price for margin?
  • Promotion Performance Analysis: How are your promotions performing for your business?
  • Promotion Strategy Workbench: What promotional strategies are optimal for future planned promotions?
  • Promotion Vehicle Lift Analysis: What promotional vehicles and tactics are right for promoted products?
  • Market Basket Analysis: Do sales of some items pull or get pulled by sales of other items? How is promotion strategy impacted?
  • Affinity Parameter Update: After a Market Basket Analysis, how can you use the affinity results to inform your promotion forecast?
  • Deal Negotiation Analysis: Which items needs most support from vendors for profitable promotions?
  • Coupon Redemption Analysis: Are coupons effective? If so by how much?

Revionics Advanced Analytics for Markdown

The Revionics® Markdown Suite maximizes the retailer’s return on inventory, margins and sell-through, supporting both long life and short life products. Revionics® Advanced Analytics for Markdown services:

  • Markdown Strategy Workbench: What markdown strategies are optimal for driving markdown goals?


Revionics® Advanced Analytics optimizes configuration and strategies to accelerate implementations and help retailers drive a higher ROI on their investments in Price, Promotion and Markdown solutions.