Assortment & Space Optimization

Revionics® Assortment and Space Optimization for Retailers Provides:

Retail space and assortments right-sized, localized and aligned simultaneously. Integrate data, rules, science and corporate strategy.

Revionics Assortment and Space Optimization software is the only solution available that can uncover local competitive opportunities by using local shopper demand, loyalty data, market basket analytics and market data to recommend product mix, affinity and space allocations at the micro and macro level.

By leveraging this retail planning and management software, you will take your profitability to a new level and be able to achieve the following retail planning and management capabilities:

  • Simultaneously optimize space allocation, product mix and inventory levels at the individual store level
  • Make true marginal trade-offs for facings, SKUs, categories and departments
  • Blend merchandising strategies and tactics with science-based optimization
  • Reduce excess inventory while protecting against out of stocks
  • Improve category management across the retail chain for optimal profitability
  • Leverage ‘What-if’ scenario planning simulation comparing different strategies before selecting the optimal approach
Retailers see improved financial performance with 2-7% increases in sales, 2-5% increases in profits, improved customer satisfaction and reduced out-of-stock and excess inventory conditions.

“If you’re a retailer, you must recognize the imperative to create customized stores by neighborhood, by varying category space and assortment to optimize the shopping experience and total store profitability.”

- Gordon Wade, Managing Partner, Category Management Association


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