Big Y Foods Enhances Price Image, Increases Margins and Obtains a Strong ROI with Revionics® Price Optimization


Established in 1936, Big Y Foods Inc. has grown to be the largest and most successful independent grocery chain in New England. With 62 stores throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, Big Y has been leveraging Revionics® Price Optimization solution for over four years for its center store including grocery, dairy, frozen, healthcare and beauty care (HBC) and general merchandise (GM).

Big Y prides itself on having the best shopping experience in their market, which features a wide selection of center store products and specialty items, a three tier store brands program, a full service butcher shop, bakery and fresh perishables.


Four years ago, Big Y knew it had to take its strategic pricing efforts to the next level, so they would be more shopper-centric and ensure their center store pricing reflected changing shopper and competitor behavior. In addition, one of their new strategic goals was to enhance their price image and ensure Big Y’s pricing was extremely competitive in their market. They also wanted a pricing solution that would help maintain Big Y’s private label relationships while demonstrating to their customers that they are always receiving the best value possible.

Prior to leveraging Revionics’ Price Optimization solution, Big Y was using a price system that leveraged spreadsheets for their data, which was very time consuming, hard to manage and prone to errors. They started their search for a science-based pricing solution that did not take a “black box” approach and was user-friendly, would automatically refresh demand models and automatically control product relationships.


After a comprehensive industry search, Big Y chose Revionics Price Optimization solution. Revionics’ solution stood out for its user-friendly and recommendation transparency capabilities that would allow Big Y’s pricing team to combine their years of experience with a shopper-centric system providing them with the perfect blend of science and pricing art.

In addition, since the solution’s pricing models were updated weekly, Big Y now had the ability to respond quickly to changing shopper and competitive behavior. The reporting capabilities were also a plus, as the solution provides staff with full transparency and the ability to drill down quickly and easily to any level they need to check – whether it be by categories, sub categories, or item level.  

The solution also allows end-users to see if the store’s most important items, such as Key Value Items (KVIs) and Key Competitive Items (KCIs), are within their index goals.

Since the solution also manages the day-to-day work of product relationships, private label gaps and many other rules, the pricing team now has time to focus more on strategy and analysis.


It has been four years since Big Y adopted Revionics Price Optimization solution and they are extremely pleased with the results.  They now have a solution that ensures all their pricing is controlled and monitored in one system, which guarantees their strategies and rules are all consistently being executed precisely to their plans.

“We are extremely pleased with Revionics Price Optimization solution – the margin gains and ROI from this solution far exceeded our expectations,” stated Scott Miller, Big Y’s Pricing Administrator and Special Projects. “By leveraging this system, we were able to improve our price image and align it with our corporate financial goals, which is what we set out to accomplish.”

Big Y obtained the following benefits with Revionics Price Optimization solution:

  • Strong ROI
  • Increased margin gains
  • An enhanced price image that is aligned with corporate financial goals
  • Localized pricing based on price elasticity and awareness
  • The staff is able to have more time for strategy and analysis

Big Y is excited for what the future will hold by continuing to partner with Revionics. The next phase in their pricing efforts will be to leverage Revionics’ what-if scenario planning capabilities and Elasticity Workbench to closely examine Big Y’s current rules, strategies and configurations and determine how they can be enhanced to improve performance.

In addition, Big Y believes that social and mobile will be the next form of promotional activity that will provide them with another competitive edge in their market. This is an area that Revionics can help Big Y explore with the Revionics® Social Commerce solution, which delivers optimized, 1-1 incentives and rewards to targeted loyal advocates, expanding loyalty and driving measurable ROI across an Omni-channel shopping episode – online, in-store, social and mobile.

The future and opportunities for Big Y are endless and they will continue to strive to be the best and most sought out retailer in their market.

To view a Big Y Webinar which highlights their successes with Revionics Price Optimization solution, click here!


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