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Author: Anastasia Laska, Vice President of Marketing EMEA at Revionics

In July 2016 the GfK consumer confidence index dropped to minus 12i , which is the lowest in the last three post-recession years. The drop reflected the emotional reaction to the Brexit vote as the UK embarked on what appeared to be an unknown and - potentially dangerous - future.

Author: Cheryl Sullivan, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

Revionics’ goal at NRF this year was to give retailers a competitive edge in the increasingly intense race for relevance, as always-on customers surf all channels while both online and brick-and-mortar competitors grow more aggressive on price, shipping and promotional offers. In the course of some 150+ in-depth discussions in private meetings with retailers at NRF, we heard loud and clear about the need for smarter, more focused pricing, promotion and markdown solutions – that leverage science and analytics to implement the changes that matter while steering clear of a disastrous race to the bottom driven by knee-jerk competitive price responses.

Author: Mark Schwans, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing at Revionics

In Part 1 of this blog series, we discussed how some retailers experienced flatter sales than expected for this past holiday season — such as general merchandise, clothing and accessories. One way to help ensure stronger sales during the holidays is to keep up with your customers’ ever-changing shopping behavior and ensure your markdown strategies are in-sync with demand. This will help your organization avoid the margin-eroding discount cycle, which eats away at profitability and can destroy your brand image.

Author: Mark Schwans, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing at Revionics

Although this last holiday season did not live up to all of retailers’ expectations, there is recent data that indicates sales increases for certain types of retailers. According to First Data’s Holiday 2016 SpendTrend report, retail spending increased 3.6 percent during this last holiday season, which was in-line with the National Retail Federation (NRF) forecast.

Author: Cheryl Sullivan, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

Today more than ever, retailers are in a do-or-die “Race for Relevance.” Every retailer feels unrelenting pressure to connect meaningfully with customers who are bombarded with always-on offers and ads, 24/7, from increasingly aggressive online and brick-and-mortar competitors.

Author: Mark Schwans, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing at Revionics

Revionics has been proud to call eBags a customer for several years now, and we’ve been big admirers of the spirit of innovation and bottom-line business impact that CEO Mike Edwards brings to his company. Mike did a great job of describing that spirit in his keynote address at our Insight Retail Summit this past October. So it’s great to see him get industry acclaim, as he did in this recent RIS News article, “eBags CEO Packs a Tech-Powered Punch.”

Author: Alison Raffalovich, Senior Corporate Communications Director

There are lots of things I love about this time of year, and for companies like Revionics with customers in the retail industry, the RIS News LeaderBoard is one of the best. I love this survey-driven ranking of retail vendors based on actual responses from actual retail software users – no vendor hype allowed.

Strategies for a Profitable Holiday Season

Thursday, 01 December 2016 00:00

Author: Mark Schwans, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing at Revionics

Each holiday season the media fills up with heated coverage about trends regarding whether retailers will or should open on Thanksgiving, as well as discussions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Sometimes it helps to take a step back from the minute-by-minute view and instead think strategically about pricing and promotion strategies that take a season-long approach. This is especially true as customers continue to shift from a focus on shopping on a certain date or at a certain time and instead focus on getting the best deal for the items they are most motivated to buy.

In this time of unprecedented upheaval for retailers, super-connected shoppers are firmly in control and search 24/7 across all channels for the best offer to meet their shopping needs – NOW. And retailers who run the same tired promotions just because that’s what they’ve always done will find themselves losing ground to innovators with purposeful promotion strategies.

How do you make that shift?

Author: Laura Holte, Revionics Senior Solutions Marketing Manager

From the moment I stepped into the Insight Welcome Reception all the way through to Chairman & CEO Marc Hafner’s closing remarks, my Insight 2016 experience reinforced that I made the right decision joining Revionics. It was the perfect new employee training session. The event—whose purpose is to create a platform where retailers can connect, learn, and share their achievements and best practices with their peers—let me connect and learn as well.

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