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Are You Ready for the Recovery?

Monday, 03 August 2009 00:00

By Todd P. Michaud, President and CEO, Revionics, Inc.

This economy has been tough for most consumers. The average net worth of individuals has decreased by more than 20%, and on average, 401Ks have decreased in value by 30-40%. Unemployment rates are the highest they have been in over 25 years, and gas prices are unpredictable.

The challenging economy caught many retailers off guard. During the holiday season, for example, many retailers had excessive inventory levels left on their store shelves. Private label brands have seen unprecedented growth as a substitute for national brands, and three out of four categories are losing buyers.

By: Jeff Smith, Founder and CTO, Revionics, Inc.

Since its launch, Revionics University has built a strong following from Revionics customers as well as other retailers who have been attending regularly scheduled seminars on industry-relevant topics. Revionics University has a formalized curriculum that touches on a variety of topics, from introductory courses on its products, to general industry topics relevant to pricing analysts, category managers, executives, and anyone involved in the retail industry. It may be perceived that Revionics University only offers courses targeted towards educating its customers in relation to their products, but it is much more than that. Revionics University is a top-notch industry forum that provides a number of courses pertaining to industry trends and best practices related to pricing and category management.

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