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Author: Laura Holte, Revionics Senior Solutions Marketing Manager

From the moment I stepped into the Insight Welcome Reception all the way through to Chairman & CEO Marc Hafner’s closing remarks, my Insight 2016 experience reinforced that I made the right decision joining Revionics. It was the perfect new employee training session. The event—whose purpose is to create a platform where retailers can connect, learn, and share their achievements and best practices with their peers—let me connect and learn as well.

Author: Scott Gillies, Regional Director, APAC

For those of us living in Australia, it’s no surprise that retail globalisation continues to rapidly penetrate, the momentum toward digital shopping continues to grow, and retailers face an increasingly disruptive environment. But the stark language of this comment in a recent Deloitte report, Global Powers of Retailing 2016, on the Australian market jumped out at me: “The globalisation of the Australian retail market is set to continue. Australian retailers therefore face significant challenges in order to meet their growth targets in what is perhaps the most disrupted and competitive of all market sectors.”

Chile Workshop

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 00:00

Author: Carlos Rodriguez, Vice President LATAM Sales for Revionics

I recently returned from Revionics’ Retail Profit Optimization workshop in Santiago, Chile, where our team co-presented with a customer of ours from one of Latin America’s largest grocery chains. Their Manager of Pricing did an incredible job presenting with the Revionics team on "Advanced Strategies for Profit Optimization".

Author: Anastasia Laska, Vice President of Marketing EMEA at Revionics

Recently, I joined leading retailers, CPG manufactures and solution providers in Berlin, Germany for the annual ECR Tag event with the theme of “Digital Reality”, which resonated with the attendees experiencing first-hand the challenges and opportunities that this new retail reality has created. This event featured presenters from eBay, Amazon, Unicoop Tirreno, Globus hypermarkets, REWE group, IKEA, Metro Cash and Carry, OTTO group, Unilever, P&G, and more.

Author: Cheryl Sullivan, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

In just a few weeks retailers from around the globe will come together for Revionics’ Insight 2016 in Austin, Texas to learn how they can win the Race for Relevance. One powerful aspect of this event is the incredible peer-to-peer engagement opportunities. In addition to gaining critical insight from industry leaders, including retail trends, best practices and success strategies, attendees can attend multiple events that offer lively peer interaction in an ambience of warm Austin-style hospitality.

Five Must-Haves to Drive Profitable Promotions

Tuesday, 13 September 2016 00:00

Author: Cheryl Sullivan, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

Just when retailers think the pace of market and consumer change can’t get any faster, they find themselves buffeted by yet more demands from the always-on shopper. With access to prices across any channel anytime, shoppers expect to be enticed to purchase. And indeed, with promotions becoming consistently targeted, even personalized, the moment is fast arriving where there is no such thing as a “regular” or “everyday” price – it’s a question of which promotional offer a customer receives and when.

Author: Scott Gillies, Regional Director, APAC

Australian retailers can be forgiven if they sometimes feel as if they’ve fallen down a rabbit hole to a world where everything is topsy-turvy. While many macro-economic measures – including GDP and unemployment – are relatively robust, retail price wars are vicious and, as Reuters Australia recently reported, are even giving rise to speculation about possible deflation. In fact, as Reuters points out, the recent Australian Consumer Price Index measure of 11 groups of goods and services showed six of them with falling prices in the first quarter of 2016 – including food and clothing.

Author: Sue Dale, Vice President of Pricing Strategy

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Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog post described our three-phased Responsive Merchandising Maturity Model: Crawl, Walk, and Run. At “Crawl” I discussed data integrity, price strategy and competitive insights, while “Walk” discussed rules-based price management.

Author: Anastasia Laska, VP Product Strategy and Solutions Marketing, EMEA Revionics

Brexit – what does it mean for retailers? That’s a question that is being widely debated, while companies try to work out what the implications will be for their business. In the short time since the referendum, there has been a lot of speculation, forecasts, analysis and opinions on what may happen. The only sure thing is that the market is in a state of flux. In this article we discuss how pricing strategies can be used to tackle this new and volatile situation, and the new challenges that the Brexit vote introduced to an already pressured and rapidly changing UK retail market.

Author: Steve Leven, Chief Operating Officer

I had the very great pleasure of co-hosting a dinner last week at Blue Ginger near Boston, attended by exceptional Northeast-based retailers from a range of sectors: grocery, office supply, specialty, and apparel, among others. Chef Ming Tsai’s phenomenal menu was equaled by the quality of the conversation, which was kicked off with some powerful industry insights from EKN’s Sahir Anand. I’m pleased to share some of the discussion highlights with you here.