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Author: Anastasia Laska, VP Product Strategy and Solutions Marketing, EMEA Revionics

Brexit – what does it mean for retailers? That’s a question that is being widely debated, while companies try to work out what the implications will be for their business. In the short time since the referendum, there has been a lot of speculation, forecasts, analysis and opinions on what may happen. The only sure thing is that the market is in a state of flux. In this article we discuss how pricing strategies can be used to tackle this new and volatile situation, and the new challenges that the Brexit vote introduced to an already pressured and rapidly changing UK retail market.

Author: Steve Leven, Chief Operating Officer

I had the very great pleasure of co-hosting a dinner last week at Blue Ginger near Boston, attended by exceptional Northeast-based retailers from a range of sectors: grocery, office supply, specialty, and apparel, among others. Chef Ming Tsai’s phenomenal menu was equaled by the quality of the conversation, which was kicked off with some powerful industry insights from EKN’s Sahir Anand. I’m pleased to share some of the discussion highlights with you here.

Author: Scott Gillies, Regional Director, APAC

It’s not a unique experience today for retailers to be facing market upheaval. Across the globe, shoppers are more in control than ever before, shopping 24/7 across all channels. Meanwhile the competitive environment is at its fiercest as international giants, specialty on-line retailers, and aggressive startups all take on local retailers head-on. And here in Australia, retail inflation has remained so far below the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for so long that the Reserve Bank of Australia conducted a special analysis and investigation, issuing a report this June that cited relatively soft commodity prices offsetting exchange rate depreciation in COGS and – you guessed it – increasing retail competition, including pressure from international retailers aggressively seeking market share.i

Author: Sue Dale, Vice President of Pricing Strategy

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As I mentioned in Part 1 of this blog post, experience working with dozens of retailers as they progress along their price optimization journey has helped my colleagues and me create a Responsive Merchandising Maturity Model that falls into three phases that we call Crawl, Walk, Run. The last post discussed foundational elements and considerations, including data integrity, price strategy and competitive insights. Here we’ll explore the “Walk” phase, which is rules-based price management.

Author: Carlos Rodriguez, Regional Sales Director - LATAM

In recent blog posts, I’ve talked about the diverse economies of Latin America – and the diverse paths that lead retailers to implement price optimization – as well as the broad and accelerating movement toward customer-centric retailing there. Today I want to dive a little deeper into the story of how one Latin American innovator, Minas Gerais’ Drogaria Araujo, is leading the market with price optimization, promotion optimization and advanced analytics to better serve its customers and enhance business results.

Author: Sue Dale, Vice President of Pricing Strategy

Retail is in a period of unprecedented upheaval: super-connected shoppers firmly in control, and they carry the store wherever they go. Further adding to the already heightened pressures, retailers must also contend with an ever-fiercer competitive environment dominated by traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, behemoths like Amazon and a proliferation of new entrants. And for too many retailers, with increasing price sensitivity, transparency, accelerating price changes and intense price competition, a race to the bottom is in full swing.

Author: Carlos Rodriguez, Regional Sales Director - LATAM

On the heels of our sold-out workshop in Monterrey on “Advanced Strategies for Profit Optimization,” I am still struck the variety of leading retailers in the room – more than 35 people from 13 of Mexico’s most innovative retail brands. They represent a range of retail sectors, with varying degrees of optimization maturity, but they all share a passionate interest in sharpening their brand and price image, better connecting with customers and delivering measurable business results.

Author: Carlos Rodriguez, Regional Sales Director - LATAM

The fast-changing retail landscapes of Latin America present both opportunities and challenges, and the need for retailers to act decisively has never been clearer. The ecommerce wave is gaining powerful momentum – ecommerce is expected to grow by 189% over the next five years in Mexico alone – and consumers expect and demand value, brand interaction across all channels and stimulating in-store experiences from the moment they cross the threshold.

Author: Alison Raffalovich, Senior Corporate Communications Director

Allison Rouse RoysterIt gives me very great pleasure to extend congratulations on behalf of all my colleagues here at Revionics to Allison Rouse-Royster, Managing Partner for Rouses and a winner of Progressive Grocer’s 2016 Top Women in Grocery award! The recognition, which is in the senior-level executive category, honors the critical role women play across all areas of today’s dynamic retail food sector and recognizes the industry’s true executive innovators.

Author: Cindy Kim, Vice President Global Marketing

With industry heavyweights including RIS News’ Joe Skorupa, EKN Research’s Sahir Anand, Revionics’ Cheryl Sullivan and MGM Resorts’ Steve Schnur all participating, it’s no wonder we had such a great discussion going during the recent Webinar, “5 Critical Components of Advanced Pricing: How to Turn Consumer and Market Data into Actionable Insights.”