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11 observations from Day 3 at NRF

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 00:00

Author: Will Fuentes, Retail Expert

11 observations from Day 2 at NRF

Monday, 18 January 2016 00:00

Author: Will Fuentes, Retail Expert

Author: Will Fuentes, Retail Expert

Day 1 of NRF is on the books and here are some quick observations:

Twas the Night Before NRF...

Saturday, 16 January 2016 17:32

Author: Will Fuentes, Retail Expert

Twas the night before NRF, when all through the Center

Not a creature was stirring, not one single vendor 

The booths were all placed on the showfloor with care 

In hopes that the retailers soon would be there...

Author: Joe McCorkle, Director of Global Retail Solutions

I’m excited to be on what’s shaping up to be a very interesting panel this year at NRF - The Right Price at the Right Time: Mobile Price Management and Compliance (see details at the end of this blog).

I’m exploring the evolution of pricing toward real-time in this increasingly fast-paced dynamic retail environment. Dynamic Pricing implies the ability to monitor and update prices across all channels – but it demands highly focused, strategic execution to avoid a blind race to the bottom. So the challenge is – how do we help retailers ensure that they have the right price at the right time?

You Need More than a Hammer

Friday, 15 January 2016 20:51

Author: Will Fuentes, Retail Expert

When I was a toddler one of my favorite songs was “Johnny Works with One Hammer.” For those that are unfamiliar the song is about what I can only assume is a very bad carpenter. Johnny has a job to accomplish and instead of using different tools all he does is grab more hammers. Eventually, after much hammering, Johnny gets tired and goes to sleep, no doubt leaving his customer dissatisfied, the project incomplete, and Johnny with an extremely low Yelp rating.

Author: Alison Raffalovich, Senior Corporate Communications Director

Retailers are under unprecedented pricing assault from aggressive online competitors, whether new entrants like Jet.com or established behemoths like Amazon.com.  And shoppers have unprecedented access to pricing on any item, anywhere, across all channels, 24 hours a day.

But innovative thinkers have paved the way to demonstrating how to implement targeted price optimization to support dynamic pricing, whether for etailers, brick-and-mortar companies, or omni-channel.

Author: Onn Manelson, CEO of Marketyze

In this era of price transparency, you would think that it’s easy enough for a retailer to convey its price image to potential customers. After all, price image is a reflection of a store’s average price level so managing the price also manages the price image – right? Like so many things in life, it turns out that it’s not quite so simple. In our blog post, 7 Facts Every Retailer Needs to Know About Price Image, which was recently featured by in the Furniture News January Issue, we discuss the factors that influence the retailer’s price image.

Author: Cindy Kim, Vice President Global Marketing

The democratization of data has caused a dramatic shift in power from the retailer to the consumer.  2016 must be the year that retailers restore balance. 

Today’s shoppers are always on the hunt for the best bargain – regardless of where the products are being sold – online or in store. The beauty of it all for them is that they now have an infinite universe of options to buy what they want at the price they want - online or in store.

Retail Yoga: Restore Balance

Friday, 08 January 2016 19:06

2016 Outlook: Revionics Predicts what will Make, or Break Retailers for 2016 & Beyond

Author: Will Fuentes, Director of Solutions Marketing

The democratization of data has caused a dramatic shift in power from the retailer to the consumer.  2016 must be the year that retailers restore balance. Those that do will win at the registers and in the hearts of consumers as well.  Those that do not, well…