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Dynamic Pricing (4)

Author: Tevia Arnold

We have been increasingly asked by the retailers that we work with about what Dynamic Pricing really is and how it can be effectively executed without impacting customer loyalty. To best answer these questions, we partnered with EKN Research to produce insight around Dynamic Pricing best practices and we recently shared the results of this study in a webinar – Dynamic Pricing: Separating Fact from Fiction. The event was moderated by Mike Troy, Editor-in-Chief of Retail Leader, and featured Revionics Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Cheryl Sullivan and Sahir Anand, Managing Vice President of Research and Principal Analyst at EKN Research.

Author: Cindy Kim, Vice President Global Marketing

Today’s shoppers are savvier than ever. They’re super-connected. Now combine that with technology and mobility that’s moving at the speed of lightning. For retailers, keeping pace is now a pre-requisite. The new imperative is getting ahead of the competition to truly deliver value for the customer. 

The concept of dynamic pricing is not new. It’s all the rage. But all that noise comes with myths that don’t end up working out for those who want to see results. If you have a few minutes, I’d urge you to read this Internet Retailer blog on “Dynamic Pricing Mythbusters – and Some Surprising Key Considerations.

Author: Anastasia Laska, VP Product Strategy and Solutions Marketing, EMEA Revionics

I had the privilege this year of attending EuroCIS 2016 in Düsseldorf, where we teamed with our partner Online Software AG.  The event organizers noted a remarkable 18% increase in visitors over 2015, with more than 10,000 retailers from across Europe and beyond attending to see exhibits from 411 exhibitors (up dramatically from 320 exhibitors last year).

Author: Will Fuentes, Retail Expert

One of the best tools that I had when I was managing stores was Psyche Walks. Basically, I would put myself in the mindset of a particular customer persona—mom, single dad, credit hungry customer, single twenty-something, etc.—then I would have a “shopping experience” in that mindset. I would start from the parking lot and go all the way through to checkout.