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Price Optimization

Author: Tevia Arnold

We have been increasingly asked by the retailers that we work with about what Dynamic Pricing really is and how it can be effectively executed without impacting customer loyalty. To best answer these questions, we partnered with EKN Research to produce insight around Dynamic Pricing best practices and we recently shared the results of this study in a webinar – Dynamic Pricing: Separating Fact from Fiction. The event was moderated by Mike Troy, Editor-in-Chief of Retail Leader, and featured Revionics Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Cheryl Sullivan and Sahir Anand, Managing Vice President of Research and Principal Analyst at EKN Research.

Author: Alison Raffalovich

Retailers are justifiably hungry for information, knowledge and research to help them best position for success in today’s turbulent and ever-changing retail waters. And it’s a daunting landscape. 56% of consumers are willing to shop an out-of-country retailer if they deemed the prices to be better (source: PwC Total Retail 2016). Today’s consumers are no longer brand-loyal but are price-loyal and they constantly do comparison shopping, in-store and online, 24/7. Today like at no time before, it’s absolutely crucial that retailers keep up-to-date on the latest in pricing strategies, technologies and research.

Author: Alison Raffalovich

I’ve been a fan of the long-running weekly DisrupTV webcast from two high-energy tech rockstars, Constellation’s Ray Wang and Salesforce’s Vala Afshare, for a long time. So my heart went pitty-pat when I heard they were going to do an episode featuring Austin execs while here for a Salesforce education conference, and things got even more exciting when Ray invited Revionics’ Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Cheryl Sullivan, to be one of the guests. (It also gave me a great excuse to catch up Ray in person over good ol’ Central Texas barbecue, always a treat!)

Author: Alison Raffalovich

This January we had a great lineup at a NRF panel focused on near-term trends in retail pricing and promotion. It’s clearly a topic with lots of retail mindshare - it played out to a crowd that swelled the room to standing-room-only and even (reluctantly) turning away attendees when we exceeded capacity. Fortunately we have made a video of the panel available so if you missed it, or want to revisit highlights, it’s at your fingertips!

Author: Carlos Rodriguez, Vice President, LATAM Sales for Revionics

Generally in Latin America, when people go to the supermarket, what matters most to them is price, followed very closely by the variety of products offered by the store, and finally their perception of the service. This is why identifying the items that influence price perception and drive business, as well as analyzing price sensitivity, sales volume and item roles, are must-haves for Supermarkets.

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