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Author: Anastasia Laska, Vice President of Marketing EMEA for Revionics

Following up on the first article of this EuroShop blog series, I will highlight some key takeaways from my session – The NEW shopper journey: intelligent pricing in an omnichannel world – which I had the honor of co-presenting with one of our customers, Daniel Lohne Sorteberg, Price Analyst for REMA 1000, a leading Scandinavian multinational supermarket chain.

Author: Monty Waltz

There’s a lot of discussion in the retail industry about how, post-Great Recession, consumers have become absolutely hooked on promotions. It’s like the crack cocaine of our shoppers. They’ve absolutely been trained to wait for a discounted price or special offer before buying anything, and retailers have responded with proliferating offers, both for online and in-store purchases, via every imaginable vehicle: flyers, coupons, mobile, email – you get the picture.

Author: Cheryl Sullivan, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer for Revionics

This is part 1 of a 2-part blog series, which provides highlights of Revionics and REMA 1000 EuroShop 2017 sessions

When our team recently presented at EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany, along with our customer REMA 1000, a leading Scandinavian multinational supermarket chain, our two strategic pricing and promotion sessions were extremely well attended. This came as no surprise given the daunting challenges EMEA retailers face in today’s market.

Author: Monty Waltz - SVP, North American Sales

To Remain Fresh, Grocery Leaders Harness Pricing & Promotions Insight

Shoppers increasingly demand the convenience of fresh and center-store delivery, and their options for receiving rapid delivery are proliferating. To compete, grocers are investing more in the in-store experience, offering a greater variety of enticing prepared food items, expanding the range of produce, including more organic choices, and offering special events like cooking demonstrations. All of this is important – but increasingly, instead of putting you ahead of the competition, it’s table stakes just to hold on to your existing market share and basket size.

Author: David Thompson, Chief Technology Officer at Revionics

On day 2 of Revionics' Insight 2015 Conference, I am remembering again why I love the retail business so much. In retail, it seems to me that there is always an opportunity to separate one's business or vision from the competition, whether by assortment, service level, price or some other factor. This morning we were treated to a great lesson in the importance of brand. Tim Lowe of Lowes Foods gave a fascinating presentation on how they define and protect their brand, and how this drives their business. Tim talked about the importance of "knowing what you stand for..." , and in a business as tough as grocery it really makes you think about the truth of this.

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