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“Another bad UPC from a vendor!  Why are we still using pen and paper to manage vendor deals?” This is a real quote from a retailer I was working with last year on a promotion planning project.  This retailer was depending on vendor’s hand-written information. The UPCs entered on deal sheets were frequently in error. “There must be a better way!”

Yes there is a better way and help is on the way. Revionics is on schedule to release RAPS Collaborate in April this year.  This vendor collaboration portal is a common platform for retailers and their vendors to exchange information, plan deals, and execute reporting.

Replenishment- The next frontier for Revionics

Tuesday, 29 December 2009 00:00

By: Todd P. Michaud, President & CEO, Revionics, Inc.

Over the next couple of weeks, Revionics will be announcing RAPS Replenishment, a fully comprehensive inventory management, forecasting and order optimization system.   We intend on demonstrating this system to prospective customers at the annual NRF show in New York on January 11th and 12th.   General Availability (GA) for customers will be April 1, 2010.  The completion of this module will be a significant accomplishment for our development team.

By: Todd P. Michaud, President and CEO,  Revionics, Inc.

As we look at the retail market, we see most retailers plagued with either inadequate Retail Demand Intelligence (RDI) and Forecasting tools or on the contrary, some retailers have too many disparate systems that contradict each other.   This is even true for those retailers who have selected comprehensive solution portfolios from the largest of software vendors since so many software vendors have merely intellectual property that they have acquired through poorly architected interfaces.