Deep Domain Expertise and Proven Solutions


Revionics has stayed true to its initial mission, which began in 2002, to provide the most intuitive and actionable price, promotion, markdown, space and assortment optimization solutions to the retail industry. Our deep domain expertise and continued R&D investment has propelled Revionics to the position of being the leading provider of retail optimization solutions proven in retailers of all sizes and types. Our clients view Revionics as a value-added long term strategic partner committed to their success.

Optimize with Confidence – The Revionics Advantage

The Revionics advantage is based on the following 7 imperatives that create unparalleled confidence in recommendations, which accelerates adoption and ROI.

  • Ease of Use: Developed for retailers by retailers who understand the pressures involved in daily retail decision making, we provide actionable insight at speed and scale without requiring an army of consultants or a PHD.
  • Recommendation Transparency: Provides the ‘Why?’ behind recommendations in contrast to traditional black box approaches. Transparency creates understanding and builds trust, increasing user adoption.
  • Fastest Time-to-Insights: Actionable insights in seconds/hours versus hours/days and elimination of manual tasks free time to focus on strategy and collaboration.
  • Self-Learning Demand Models: Only solution that updates models weekly/on-demand at the store/SKU level, leveraging the latest data and adjusting for current or emerging trends.
  • Speed-to-Value: Initial project ROI is achieved in 9 months or less. Ongoing results for Revionics’ customers are higher than industry average with a typical annual ROI of 12X.
  • People, Process & Technology Integration: Revionics understands this is much more than a technology project; it is an initiative that requires significant people and process integration. Experienced teams manage change, ensuring a deep, positive and lasting impact on the organization.
  • Partnering Approach: A demonstrated partnering culture permeates all of our interactions with customers and prospects. We have a proven track record with successes where others have failed and a near 100% client retention rate.

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