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Price Optimization Certification Training

Level 1 and 2 Price Optimization Certification Training is for Super Users. Level 1 Product Certification is designed for people that have taken basic Super User training. Level 2 Product Certification is designed for Super Users that have passed Level 1 Certification Training. These sessions include hands-on labs with laptops provided. Attendees will have access to our Pricing Strategy and Science teams in an educational atmosphere. All training will take place on Wednesday, October 23rd in Revionics’ Austin office.

We’ll have a bus to take registered students to the training sessions. Advanced registration is required. A limited number of seats are available. The training will conclude by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, please plan air travel accordingly. All attendees must commit to stay for the full duration of the training.

Price Optimization Certification Training: Level 1

  • Prerequisite: Having a working knowledge of the system and be the “go to” person for price optimization in your organization.
  • First come, first serve sign-up basis. 18 seats available.

The retail landscape is ever changing so why should your pricing strategies stay the same? The first half of training will focus on how slight changes in configuration can create the needed changes in your pricing tactics to counter your shopper’s ever changing needs and demands. We will look at how the ongoing evaluation of current performance is the pathway to better understand what changes may be necessary to sustain/achieve your current goals.

You will learn to better understand your current configurations, including how to access and change configuration and the impact these rule changes can create on your strategies. We will also focus on the different areas of configuration management including the “What-If” scenario planning strategies - as well as the Default configurations within the tool. Learn how our newly created Visual Analytical tools, including the Ebench™ and S2bench™ can help validate pricing intent as well as help define strategic direction at Department-Category-Subcategory levels.

At completion you will know:

  • The role of each of the configuration components current available in our system
  • How to understand and evaluate current strategic configurations
  • How to change these configurations within the system on demand
  • The KEY components that can lead to powerful strategic directional changes
  • How to define and create unique customized configurations that can be applied for your specific business needs

This second half of the day will help you understand the capability you have at your finger tips to better understand and control your strategic pricing tactics and how you can plan and evaluate those solutions before taking them live into your retail stores. We will take a deep dive in the value of the “What-if” Scenario Planning module and the creation of strategy assignment at varying levels of your hierarchy. Demonstrating how you can take advantage of the seasonality of items, forecasting the impact of various strategies against the same categories, and the role our Ebench™ offering can play in the assessment, creation, and management of category level pricing tactics.

At completion you will know:

  • How to create and simulate scenarios surrounding alternative strategy
  • Test and compare various models to identify the best strategic direction to achieve your organizations goals.
  • Evaluate and measure the forecasted impact for various strategies against the same products based on your customer demand signal
  • How to utilize seasonality detail when crafting cyclical strategies for varying seasons within your business. 
  • How to create and evaluate alternate competitive groups and indexing
  • How to evaluate current KVI offerings at differing levels of strategic configurations as well as test alternative KVI group and their impacts before implementation

Price Optimization Certification Training: Level 2

  • Prerequisite: Completion of last year's Level 1 Certification Training.
  • First come, first serve sign-up basis. 9 seats available.


This training class will focus on:

  • Product Group use cases for base and seasonal KVIs including their analysis and configurations
      • Who should be involved in and who owns the Product Group item assignment
      • How frequently should they be updated and key triggers that drive an update
  • How many KVI’s is the right amount- taking into account item count (too many can erode profit, too few can erode price image), revenue impact and price image
      • Assigning strategies and configurations to KVIs
  • How to leverage the new Price Review Columns and Views including Elasticity, Elasticity Confidence, PSI, and Impact (including Cannibalization and Affinity) to drive incremental analysis and value
  • Understanding where to focus your time within Configuration Management to achieve maximum benefit, including the correct number of Ending Number strategies, and the use of Scenario Planning in testing configuration and strategy changes.
  • How do you best analyze and report upon changes to Configurations and Strategies.

At completion students will understand:

  • The roles that Product Groups (KVI’s) play within your business and the best items to achieve the goals desired
  • What role the advanced configuration components play within optimization
  • How to understand and evaluate current strategic configurations 
  • How to model and change these configurations within the system on demand using the What-if Scenario Planning capability

Certification registration is included in the registration for Insight, so sign up early!

Insight training hotel information:
Both levels of training will conclude by 3 p.m. All attendees are required to stay for the full duration of the class. If you would like to stay in Austin the night of Wednesday, October 23rd, we have secured a block of rooms within walking distance to the Austin office at the Embassy Suites Austin Arboretum – the room rate is $152.

To reserve your training hotel room online (if necessary) click here. The phone number to make training hotel reservations is 512-372-8771, code: Revionics.

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