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Revionics Customer Forum 2014 | Certification Training

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This year we are proud to offer at no charge 3 different Certification Training classes for Revionics clients. Two of the classes are for base Price Optimization and the third class is for Markdown Optimization.

These 3 sessions include lecture and hands-on labs with laptops provided. Attendees will have access to our Pricing Strategy and Science teams in an educational atmosphere. All training will take place on Wednesday, October 22nd in Revionics’ Austin office.  

Advanced registration is required. A limited number of seats are available.

Attendees involved with certification training who wish to stay in Austin Wednesday night are responsible for booking a hotel of their choice on 10/22. The training will conclude by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 10/22. All attendees must commit to stay for the full duration of the training. Please book lodging and air travel accordingly. 


Base Price Optimization Certification Training: Level 1

Level 1 Certification is training for beginners and advanced users that may need a refresher.

  • Prerequisite: Having a working knowledge of the system and be the “go to” person for price optimization in your organization.
  • First come, first serve sign-up basis. 30 seats available.

This training class will focus on:

  • The definition of price optimization and how it leverages both rules and science to determine optimal base pricing
  • The various configuration components, features and capabilities of base price
  • Base pricing screens and their functionalities
  • Basic value measurement reports
  • Hands-on exercises involving:
    • Price Review – Basics / Item details/exporting
    • Price Family – Managing price families o PLG Groups – Creating and managing PLG groups
    • Competitive Pricing – Managing competitive pricing in base price
    • Scenario Planning
  • New product enhancement features   

At completion, students will understand:

  • Price optimization, modeling and elasticity.
  • How to get the most out of the price review screen.
  • How to create, manage and optimize price families and PLG groups.
  • How to create and simulate scenarios.
  • How to test and compare various models to identify the best strategic direction to achieve your organizations goals.
  • How to evaluate and measure the forecasted impact for various strategies against the same products.
  • How to create and evaluate alternate competitive groups and indexing.

Price Optimization Certification Training: Level 2

  • Prerequisite: Completion of last year's Level 1 Certification Training.
  • First come, first serve sign-up basis. 15 seats available.

This advanced training class will focus on:

  • Product Group use cases for base and seasonal KVIs including their analysis and configurations
      • Who should be involved in and who owns the Product Group item assignment
      • How frequently should they be updated and key triggers that drive an update
  • How many KVI’s is the right amount- taking into account item count (too many can erode profit, too few can erode price image), revenue impact and price image
      • Assigning strategies and configurations to KVIs
  • How to leverage the new Price Review Columns and Views including Elasticity, Elasticity Confidence, PSI, and Impact (including Cannibalization and Affinity) to drive incremental analysis and value
  • Understanding where to focus your time within Configuration Management to achieve maximum benefit, including the correct number of Ending Number strategies, and the use of Scenario Planning in testing configuration and strategy changes.
  • How do you best analyze and report upon changes to Configurations and Strategies.

 At completion students will understand:

  • The roles that Product Groups (KVI’s) play within your business and the best items to achieve the goals desired
  • What role the advanced configuration components play within optimization
  • How to understand and evaluate current strategic configurations 
  • How to model and change these configurations within the system on demand using the What-if Scenario Planning capability

Markdown Optimization Certification Training: Level 1

  • Prerequisite: This class is available to all markdown optimization clients and users of the portal.
  • First come, first serve sign-up basis. 15 seats available.

For leading retailers, optimizing markdowns to local shopper demand provides an opportunity to maximize margin, sell-through, and inventory value while improving velocity of product assortment. In this training we focus on the markdown optimization process from creating events for what-if scenario planning, optimization and analyzing results, all the way through executing prices to stores. Additionally, we’ll be walking through the new short life cycle mark down functionality and other features included in release 5.7. This is designed to be an interactive training with a mix of lecture and hands-on activities so participants will understand and apply what they’ve learned in a mock environment. 

At completion you will know:

  • The terminology and key concepts of markdown optimization
  • How to create, update and copy a markdown event and group in the Revionics portal
  • Each of the unique rules that help to achieve your markdown goals
  • How to create an override group, which allows a user to force a markdown on an item(s) that don’t meet the business objectives of the other items in the group
  • How the optimization process works and the different components that contribute to recommending a price
  • Each of the commonly used reports used to analyze markdown performance
  • How to approve and un-approve markdowns once your objectives are met

Certification registration is included in the registration for Insight, so register early!  



Attendees involved with certification training who wish to stay in Austin Wednesday night are responsible for booking a hotel of their choice on 10/22. Please book lodging and air travel accordingly. 



Overview | Agenda | Sessions | Registration | Location/Hotel | Certification Training | Sponsors