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In this time of unprecedented upheaval for retailers, super-connected shoppers are firmly in control and search 24/7 across all channels for the best offer to meet their shopping needs – NOW. And retailers who run the same tired promotions just because that’s what they’ve always done will find themselves losing ground to innovators with purposeful promotion strategies.

How do you make that shift?

Published in Price Optimization

Author: Laura Holte, Revionics Senior Solutions Marketing Manager

From the moment I stepped into the Insight Welcome Reception all the way through to Chairman & CEO Marc Hafner’s closing remarks, my Insight 2016 experience reinforced that I made the right decision joining Revionics. It was the perfect new employee training session. The event—whose purpose is to create a platform where retailers can connect, learn, and share their achievements and best practices with their peers—let me connect and learn as well.

Published in Price Optimization