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Author: Monty Waltz - SVP, North American Sales

To Remain Fresh, Grocery Leaders Harness Pricing & Promotions Insight

Shoppers increasingly demand the convenience of fresh and center-store delivery, and their options for receiving rapid delivery are proliferating. To compete, grocers are investing more in the in-store experience, offering a greater variety of enticing prepared food items, expanding the range of produce, including more organic choices, and offering special events like cooking demonstrations. All of this is important – but increasingly, instead of putting you ahead of the competition, it’s table stakes just to hold on to your existing market share and basket size.

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Author: Alison Raffalovich

This January we had a great lineup at a NRF panel focused on near-term trends in retail pricing and promotion. It’s clearly a topic with lots of retail mindshare - it played out to a crowd that swelled the room to standing-room-only and even (reluctantly) turning away attendees when we exceeded capacity. Fortunately we have made a video of the panel available so if you missed it, or want to revisit highlights, it’s at your fingertips!

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Author: Carlos Rodriguez, Vice President, LATAM Sales for Revionics

Generally in Latin America, when people go to the supermarket, what matters most to them is price, followed very closely by the variety of products offered by the store, and finally their perception of the service. This is why identifying the items that influence price perception and drive business, as well as analyzing price sensitivity, sales volume and item roles, are must-haves for Supermarkets.

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Thursday, 02 March 2017 00:00

Why not Price Optimization in LATAM?

Author: Carlos Rodriguez, Vice President, LATAM Sales for Revionics

Price is just one aspect of value – others being quality, retailer brand reputation, immediacy, service, and of course relevance. However, price has a direct impact on Revenue and Gross Margin that it inevitably dominates the attention of both for shoppers and for retailers.

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