Revionics Customers Include

The information on the page should be straightforward.  Make sure your writing focuses on the user rather than on your company.  Explain to them how the information on this page affects them.  Be sure to weave keyword(s) and keyword phrases into your text in a natural way.  Include contextual links that lead the visitor to other relevant pages on the site and sometimes to other sites, where appropriate.  Only include the most relevant words in the actual link.  Avoid using phrases like "Click here..."

Section Heading 1 (h3):

Web visitors are looking for content that is easily scannable to find the most relevant information to them quickly.  They don't want to spend a lot of time reading through pages line by line.  Splitting the page into sections helps the user easily scan the page to find the information they are looking for.  These sections should then go into a little more detail on the subject.  Adding a bulleted list is another way to help the user easily find the information they are looking for:

  • The most important parts of the bullet can be bolded to catch the reader's eye while leaving less important detail in regular font.
  • Additional bullets can be easily added by hitting enter/return.
  • Hitting enter/return twice will end the list.

Section Heading 2 (h3)

Make sure that all of the different sections on the page flow together into a united page and that each section detail applies to the section it is in.  You can add a image throughout the page.  If you don't want to break up the flow of copy in the section, add a figure # reference in the copy, then add the image to the end of the section, labeling it with the appropriate figure number (Figure 1.1). This allows you to keep all the relevant data together with an image supporting the end:

  1. This is a numbered list - which can be used in the same way as a bulleted list.
  2. Additional lines can be added by hitting return/enter - If you add an item in the middle of the list, the numbers will update automatically.
  3. The most important parts of the line can be bolded to catch the reader's eye while leaving less important detail in regular font.

Figure 1.1: Brief Description of image

Section Heading #3 (h3)

This is an example of a table. Tables can be used to neatly group information instead of having it all in paragraph style. You can add regular paragraphs of text, images, lists, or a combination of any page aspects inside the table

  • Tables can be used to neatly group information – instead of having it all in paragraph style.
  • Tables can be modified – Easily make changes to the table by using the table manager in the top left corner of the design view.  You can add additional columns and/or rows.
  • The rows/columns are set automatically – The rows and columns automatically adjust to the size of the contents.

Figure 1.2: Brief description of image

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