Leverage Dynamic Pricing for Intra-Day Competitive Responsiveness

The number of price changes has been exploding and the pace of change continues to accelerate. Now, retailers need to be strategic about how they price items, and how often they make changes; if they don’t, they will easily race to the bottom while leaving potential margin on the table. By understanding your consumers, their browsing and buying behaviors, and how you differentiate from your competitors, you will establish a strong foundation for a dynamic pricing strategy.

Revionics® Dynamic Pricing delivers pricing speed and responsiveness while avoiding margin loss through rampant competitive matching. With intra-day pricing, quick price reevaluations, automated workflow approvals and exception management, retailers can be assured that they are executing the best price throughout the day.

Along with Revionics® Price Management, Revionics® Price Optimization and Revionics® Strategic Price Simulation, Revionics Dynamic Pricing is part of the Revionics® Price Suite, which delivers solutions for all retailers regardless of current pricing processes or sophistication.

Revionics can also help retailers gain deeper competitive intelligence with competitive price insights, data and management.

Why Revionics Dynamic Pricing?

  • Respond intelligently to competition in real time
  • Change prices quickly throughout the day
  • Make the right adjustments, only when needed
  • Retain competitive edge, while maintaining financial and strategic targets
  • Flag and prioritized exceptions, while letting acceptable results process

Key Solution Features

Revionics® Dynamic Pricing brings the speed and responsiveness of dynamic pricing while avoiding margin loss through rampant competitive matching. With Revionics Dynamic Pricing, retailers can be assured that they are executing the best price throughout the day.

Revionics best-in-class capabilities include:

  • Competitor price change alerts
  • Price change auto-approval thresholds
  • Exception management workflow to screen questionable information
  • Dynamic re-optimization and rules application
  • Rapid response times throughout the day

Revionics Dynamic Pricing Benefits

Revionics enables performance-driven retailers to create a sustainable competitive advantage and undeniable ROI in today’s new retail reality. Our proven SaaS-based pricing solutions offer the speed, intuition, transparency and scale that retailers need to achieve Responsive Retail in an era when business strategy intersects with data science.

Revionics® Dynamic Pricing enables you to drive performance and competitive advantage.

  • Price dynamically throughout the day
  • Price right against the right competition with intelligent data
  • Maintain strategic, financial and competitive goals of category and items intact

Revionics® Price Suite enables retailers to drive improved performance and a sustainable competitive advantage with rules-based pricing, simulation and dynamic pricing.