Execute Localized Insight at Speed & Scale

Systematically & Strategically Operationalize Deep Insight at Speed & Scale

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Insight Beyond the Asking Price

Nielsen Pricing Insights provides every retail price for every product along with the associated unit volume that was sold in each trading area.

Actual sales prices are more valuable than the asking price provided by Shopped Data or Online Data Scrapes, particularly when format encroachment makes it difficult to target a specific competitor.

Seamless Integration @ Speed & Scale

Nielsen Pricing Insights seamlessly integrates into Revionics® Price Optimization enabling retailers to understand which prices are resonating with local shoppers and to take rapid action to ensure they are positioned properly in each market.

Revionics® Price Optimization integrates the retailer and market data monthly, weekly or on-demand to evaluate the effect of price changes on price image and category objectives while putting guardrails around the science by applying business rules and operational constraints.

Strategic, Precise, Fact-based Decisions

Revionics can execute existing category strategies, provide analytics to support or refute existing strategies, or Nielsen consultants can take a deep dive into shopper behavior to develop precise strategies informed by shopper demand and local market insights.

On demand updates of Revionics’ self-learning models and on-demand what-if simulations enable retailers to compare the impact of different strategies on sales, profits and unit volume in order to make localized, informed, fact-based decisions.

Science Informed by Market Insights

Revionics proven process takes the emotion out of pricing decisions:

Systematically Operationalize Data containing Deep Insight into:

  • Shopper & Competitor Behavior
  • Market Dynamics & Competitive Position

Convert Corporate Strategies & Category Roles into Pricing Tactics that meet Objectives for:

  • Market Share
  • Price Image
  • Profit

Increase Granularity of Pricing Decisions to reflect variation in Price Sensitivity, Competitive Environment & Seasonality:

  • KVI & Item Groups
  • Tiered Competitive Positioning
  • Category & Subcategory Strategies & Objectives
  • Price Zones