End-to-End Merchandise Optimization for Shopper-Centric Decisions

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Enabling the RIGHT Price, Promotion, Markdown, Assortment and Space Allocation decisions, across all touch points in the Omni-channel shopping episode: online, in-store, social and mobile.

Today’s retailers are battling intense competition from existing competitors, format encroachment by new competitors, rising commodity costs and increasingly price-conscious, instrumented and informed shoppers that rapidly shift their buying behavior.

To compete effectively, retailers need to establish a clear competitive advantage by integrating shopper-centricity into their strategies to “Engage Where Shoppers Are” and “Predict Where Shoppers Are Headed”.

Revionics delivers the industry’s most powerful End-to-End Merchandise Optimization solution, enabling retailers of all sizes to execute a fact-based Omni-channel merchandising strategy to enhance financial performance and shopper loyalty.

Revionics’ merchandising solutions empower retailers to make better strategic decisions based on facts rather than ‘gut feel’. Leveraging advanced predictive analytics and demand-based science, retailers can now be more responsive to shoppers’ needs and can engage them at the touch points and channels of choice. Revionics’ merchandising solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Aligns all strategic planning levers
  • Ensures consistent shopper messaging
  • Localizes merchandise decisions
  • Drives loyalty and satisfaction
  • Provides proven financial benefits
Revionics® Life Cycle Price Optimization

Provides robust planning, management and optimization across the pricing life cycle – every-day/base price, promotion and markdown/clearance. Using demand-based science, Revionics evaluates and predicts consumer shopping behavior, enabling retailers to build and execute a localized, fact-based pricing strategy which maximizes profitability and customer loyalty.

Revionics® Social Commerce

Takes optimization social by “engaging where shoppers are”. Retailers can now strategically plan and execute optimized, 1-1 incentives and rewards to targeted loyal advocates and fans, expanding loyalty and driving measurable ROI across an Omni-channel shopping episode – online, in-store, social and mobile.

Revionics® Assortment & Space Optimization

Maximizes return on inventory and space by simultaneously optimizing micro-space requirements, macro-space constraints and SKU rationalization. Revionics enables retailers to make fact-based, profitable product selection, category space allocation, product placement and inventory investment decisions at the individual store or store cluster level utilizing local shopper demand signals, loyalty and market data.

Revionics® Performance Intelligence

Provides executive analytics and management diagnostics to support rapid decision-making, based on actionable insights, which hones in on opportunities and highlights exceptions – improving responses to changing competitive, cost, demand and KPI behaviors and trends.

Revionics® Advanced Analytics

Improves shopper demand insights, permitting a more strategic, granular approach to strategy, KVIs, basket/traffic drivers, store clustering, right sizing, shoppability improvements and rationalization decisions.

Revionics enables retailers to compete more profitable by making smarter, fact-based merchandise planning decisions with confidence. Read our customer case studies to see how we've helped retailers succeed.

End-to-End Merchandise Optimization Solutions

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