More Retailers Use Revionics® Price Optimization than ALL OUR COMPETITORS COMBINED!

No longer just replacing spreadsheets for pricing - Revionics increasingly displaces 1st generation Optimization solutions

Historically, Revionics deployments replaced spreadsheets for pricing. Now retailers that implemented first generation solutions such as DemandTec and KSS are replacing them with Revionics.

We Succeed Where Others Have Failed

View this clip to hear Lee McKay explain the key reasons Big Y, an early adopter of Price Optimization, turned to Revionics.

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Hear more straight talk from long-term clients on why they initially selected Revionics and why they renew and extend the partnership year after year. Click here to view 4 short client videos.

Increasingly We Replace Outmoded Solutions

Extensive cross-vendor surveys of clients reveal shortcomings in competitive solutions. Here are the most repeated reasons for displacing outmoded solutions with Revionics.

Users Perspective

  • Ease of Use: Created for merchants not scientists
  • Transparent: Truly eliminates the “Black Box”
  • Strategic: Supports category management goals
  • Speed to Insights: Fastest response time

Technology Perspective

  • Superior Science: Analytics, Forecasting & Simulation
  • Self-Tuning Demand Models: Always reflect current trends
  • Scalable: Battle tested across small, medium & large retailers
  • Integrated Solution: Base price, promotion & markdown

Business  Perspective

  • Speed to ROI: Fastest implementation & ROI
  • Expertise: Deep domain expertise in retail optimization
  • Valued Partner: Customer-centric culture

SaaS Perspective

  • Low Cost: Low total cost of ownership
  • Low IT Impact: Doesn’t tax constrained IT resources
  • Always Current: No extra fees for upgrades or model tuning

Join the group of industry leading retailers across the globe, representing over 40,000 retail locations, who trust Revionics optimization solutions.