Revionics® Social Commerce Solution Helps PacSun Build Loyal Advocates and Drive ROI


PacSun is a $1 billion retailer with 700+ national retail stores that sells clothing, shoes and accessories, which embodies the California lifestyle and embraces the “Golden State of Mind” – art, music, creativity and open-mindedness. PacSun targets men and women that are 16–22 years old and are extremely social media and technology savvy.

92% of 16–29 year olds are online, 67% are using mobile technology and 66% are on Facebook. Roughly a quarter of them are on Twitter, and 12% leverage Instagram and Pinterest. Given the many ways that this age group connects, it is critical that retailers, such as PacSun, leverage social media channels to create loyalty, convert loyalty and ultimately turn loyalty into new customer acquisitions.


PacSun needed to promote its new Spring Styles by launching a creative, interactive and exciting social marketing campaign that would help them identify and target advocates and fans, deliver exciting rewards and convert that loyalty into real ROI across PacSun’s multi-channel shopping experience – online, in-store, social and mobile.

For PacSun, and most retailers, successfully leveraging all the shopping channels, especially social is becoming increasingly critical. A 2012 Bain & Company survey of over 3,000 shoppers found that customers who engage with companies over social media spend 20% to 40% more money with those companies than other customers. In addition, Deloitte predicts $689 billion in “mobile-influenced sales” by 2016, which could translate into large profits for the retailers that can adopt effective marketing strategies for mobile and social channels.


PacSun adopted the Revionics® Social Commerce solution—the first, and only, social marketing platform in the industry that can deliver optimized, 1-1 incentives and rewards tailored to drive measurable ROI across the full spectrum of shopping channels.

Revionics helped PacSun develop a “Spring Style Wish List” campaign, which leveraged a custom built Facebook application to meet the following objectives:

  • Introduce new spring styles to fans in a creative, exciting way.
  • Encourage interaction, engagement and sharing.
  • Gauge the most popular products.
  • Identify most loyal advocates and most influential fans.
  • Create a baseline for future promotions.

This campaign allowed fans and advocates to post a ‘Wish-List’ from a curated set of products across their social media channels. The users could build their product wish list and their social network could view it and then with just a click of a button visit to learn more, or buy the items.

As a reward for posting their wish list, fans were entered into a drawing to win the products within their wish list as a grand prize. The winners were then promoted throughout the social media channels, creating even more excitement and buzz around the campaign.

PacSun introduced new styles regularly and the campaign was promoted through Facebook,, email and Twitter.


PacSun found the solution easy to execute, with the entire implementation timeframe taking only two weeks. Effective and efficient, the solution delivered actionable insights and metrics, while also offering a baseline tool PacSun can leverage to help with future promotions and drive an even stronger ROI.

During the Spring Style Wish List campaign, PacSun obtained the following results:

  • The campaign generated 25,000 visitors
  • 2,500 wish lists were created
  • Thousands of shares were generated
  • Most popular products were identified, and were able to be highlighted on
  • Data from the campaign gave PacSun actionable insight into customers’ activities and behavior that can be leveraged for future campaigns, such as:
        • Close to 90% of the fans and advocates that participated shopped from their desktop and over 10% shopped with their mobile device
        • 77% of the shoppers were women and 23% were men


Noting the value of leveraging social media to mine customer insights, Kevin Sterneckert, a Gartner Research Vice President, said, “Social network sentiment data provides significant insight into consumer behaviors and expectations relative to pricing practices. Multichannel retailers should diligently pursue an ongoing practice of listening to their consumers (sensing) to understand preferences and trends."

To learn more about the benefits PacSun has obtained through leveraging Revionics® Social Commerce solution, download PacSun's and Revionic's NRF presentation below.


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