Swanson Health Sharpens Shopper-Focused Pricing with Revionics AI’s Machine Learning Price Optimization and Price and Competitive Assortment Intelligence

Swanson Health Sharpens Shopper-Focused Pricing with Revionics AI’s Machine Learning Price Optimization and Price and Competitive Assortment Intelligence
April 10, 2018 Aaron Smith

Data-Driven Approach Enables Swanson Health to Provide Prices Shoppers Love on the Products They Care Most About

AUSTIN, TX – (April 10, 2018) – Since 1969, Swanson Health has proudly continued its mission to bring innovative, science-backed wellness products to the world and help customers obtain the very best of health so they can focus on what they love. The company is the top online and catalog marketer of healthy living products, selling both Swanson Health and nationally recognized partnerships brands, and it announced today a partnership with Revionics to offer its customers better pricing and shopping experiences.

Swanson Health first engaged Revionics in 2016 for competitive intelligence analytics to gain more accurate and timely insights about their position against key competitors. Revionics’ analytic services team provided key value item analysis for a data-driven view of price elasticities for products; enabling Swanson to proactively offer competitive pricing on customers’ favorite products. Now, with the deployment of Revionics Price Intelligence, Competitive Assortment Intelligence and Price Optimization, Swanson Health is better positioned to offer informed pricing and shopping experiences for customers at a scale. This responsive ecommerce capability would not be possible with manual processes, so this collaboration further strengthens the company’s ability to offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

“As a forward-looking, healthy-living products company, we pride ourselves on a data-driven culture to ensure our customers have an outstanding experience and discover great value in all their interactions with us,” said Corey Bergstrom, Chief Marketing Officer at Swanson Health. “By expanding our relationship with Revionics, we’re better able to deliver top shopping experiences and value on our products where it matters most to our customers, while maintaining a lean and efficient operation.”

Revionics executives also anticipate clear business benefits for Swanson Health from the new offerings being implemented. “We value our newly extended and deepened relationship with Swanson Health, which embodies our commitment to strategic, years-long collaboration with innovative retailers in segments including wellness and ecommerce,” said Revionics Chairman and CEO Marc H. Hafner. “I look forward to continuing to deliver transformative business results to Swanson in the years ahead.”

Project implementation is currently underway.

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