Pricing Intelligence


Strategic Competitive Positioning

Format encroachment, channel blur and the Amazon effect have led many retailers to increase both the frequency and the number of price changes in order to respond to rapidly changing shopper and competitor behavior. However, according to RSR Research, although retailers continue to escalate the number of price changes executed in-store and online, they are unable to measure the effectiveness of their pricing strategies, or to prioritize changes when faced with operational constraints.

To remain profitable, winning retailers are turning to Revionics optimization solutions to strategically and surgically select the right products to drive their price image and execute their competitive positions in order to avoid the downward spiral of pure price competition.

A balanced, profitable competitive positioning strategy requires retailers to be able to systematically operationalize deep shopper and competitor insight into fact-based, process-driven pricing decisions:

Target Shoppers
  • Who their target shoppers are in different markets & channels for different products
  • What brand image & price perception they want to project to those shoppers
  • Which products define price image & must be competitively priced
  • Which products can be used to offset investments made in price image with margin gains
Competitive Environment
  • Who competitors are in different markets & channels for different products
  • How they want to position against those competitors
  • What are competitor prices, strategies & price change frequencies

Increasing Speed, Scale & Frequency

Responsiveness, speed and scale requirements vary by product, category, channel and location and are highly dependent on the competitive environment. Data feeds, sources and remodeling requirements range from quarterly to monthly to weekly to daily or on-demand for highly competitive products and environments.

The options for competitive data feeds are continually expanding with many Revionics clients now supplementing their shopped competitor data with:

  • Online data scrapes that are obtained at the zip code level in real time
  • Nielsen market data that contains rich localized information on market share & shopper purchase proclivity

Balancing the need to provide shoppers with value and the need to provide shareholders with value at the speed, scale and frequency required to maintain competitive stance requires all the components of optimization – Data + Rules + Strategy + Science. Revionics systematically operationalizes these disparate inputs into a process that enables retailers to rapidly analyze alternatives, prioritize options, make decisions, take action and measure effectiveness in a continuous adaptive cycle.


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