Incorporate All Forms of Competitive Data for Precise Competitive Positioning

Revionics Partners with Competitive Data Providers for Seamless Data Integration


Incorporate All Forms of Competitive Data

Revionics Competitive Data Partner Program enables retailers to seamlessly incorporate all sources of competitive data into their competitive positioning strategies, including:

Don’t Limit Data Options

Today’s retailers are using many vendor sources and many types of competitive data for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Limited geographical coverage
  • Limited product coverage
  • Increase data collection frequency
  • Reduce data collection costs
  • Increased competition in certain markets
  • New competition from different channels 

Respond Strategically @ Speed & Scale

Responding strategically to shifting shopper and competitor behavior at speed and scale is paramount to surviving and thriving in today’s hypercompetitive environment.

Revionics optimization combines data, science, strategy, business rules and operational constraints so retailers can:

  • Tap into vast amounts of internal & external data
  • Granularly analyze shopper behavior & price sensitivity
  • Profitably achieve price image objectives
  • Translate strategies into precisely executed pricing tactics
  • Simulate alternatives & prioritize decisions
  • Measure effectiveness & rapidly adapt to new trends


Revionics Competitive Data Partners




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