Promotion Optimization


Optimize and Execute More Effective and Profitable Promotions

Retailers are struggling to balance revenue, traffic, profit and basket size. In addition, retailers are challenged with managing end to end from strategy to execution. All too often, retailers are running promotions that are counter-intuitive to their stated goals and strategies, either running discounts too deep or the wrong offers, thus further perpetuating “race to the bottom”.

Revionics® Promotion Optimization enables retailers to identify and execute the most profitable offers by segment, channel and vehicle that maximize the financial impact across categories. To maximize profitably, it incorporates vendor funds, product affinities, promotional uplift and consumer demand to help retailers incentivize shoppers. In addition, on-demand modeling helps to analyze different offer combinations and predicts the effectiveness and outcome.

Along with Revionics® Promotion Management and Revionics® Social Offer Management, Revionics Promotion Optimization is part of the Revionics® Promotion Suite, which enables retailers to deliver impactful promotions and achieve their strategic and financial objectives.

Why Revionics Promotion Optimization?

  • Recommends the best promotional offer aligned to stated strategies and goals
  • Rapidly and easily offers simulation and side-by-side comparisons to achieve the most impact
  • Detailed forecasting and cross-item impacts with confidence indicators
  • Easy to understand results drives adoption and success
  • Leverages the power and capabilities of Revionics® Promotion Management

Key Solution Features

Revionics® Promotion Optimization provides the most efficient and impactful workflow to achieve the most profitable offer by segment, channel and vehicle. Driven by your strategies, Promotion Optimization recommends the best offer that’s aligned to shopper demand while balancing revenue, volume, sales and margin goals.

Revionics best-in-class capabilities include:

  • Optimal recommendations supported by detailed forecast
  • Strategies aligned to category roles and financial targets
  • Incorporates vendor funds to drive collaboration and visibility 
  • Includes decomposition of promotional lifts across any marketing vehicle
  • Optimizes promotions to the channel/store/SKU level
  • Supports promotional versioning to account for local differences
  • Delivers side-by-side simulations, what-if scenarios and comparisons of multiple offers and lift
  • Analyzes campaign and vehicle effectiveness, promotion and forecast rollups
  • Includes in-flight analysis of ongoing promotions

Promotion Optimization Benefits

Revionics enables performance-driven retailers to create a sustainable competitive advantage and undeniable ROI in today’s new retail reality. Our proven SaaS-based promotion solutions offer the speed, intuition, transparency and scale that retailers need to achieve a responsive merchandising model in an era when business strategy intersects with data science.

Revionics® Promotion Optimization enables you to drive enhanced promotional performance and competitive advantage.

  • Drives a 1-12% sales increase, 5-20% gross margin gain improvement 
  • Delivers the most compelling and profitable promotions that resonate with the consumer
  • Maximizes promotions across print, in-store, broadcast, and digital channels 
  • Improves promotion responsiveness and reduce lead times 
  • Align inventory to demand with industry-leading forecast accuracy

Revionics® Promotion Suite enables retailers to deliver impactful promotions that build brand, loyalty and margin while achieving their financial goals.