Raley’s Leverages Revionics® Social Commerce to Boost Loyalty, Improve Competitiveness and Increase Profitability


Raley’s Family of Fine Stores is a privately held $3B+, 125-store supermarket chain with stores in California and Nevada, which includes Raley’s, Bel Air, Nob Hill Foods and Food Source. The chain is best known for its high quality products, fresh produce, fine meats and a personalized food shopping experience.

The company’s Director of Marketing, CRM & Analytics – Tom Hutchison – saw an opportunity to harness the power of digital “word-of-mouth” via social media and increase its role in the company’s marketing mix. He also saw the importance of communicating value in the marketplace and driving customers to the website on specific days of the week.


Hutchison knew he had to harness the power of social media, but needed a solid technology partner for him to accomplish this. With 74% of consumers now relying on social networks to guide their retail purchases – time was of the essence to find a solution.

Hutchison knew that he had to find a social commerce partner that offered an easy implementation, the ability to help the marketing approach evolve and performance analytics to enable a “test and learn” methodology. In addition, he wanted to be able to show a ROI from these efforts, which can be a challenge.


After an in-depth industry search, Raley’s selected Revionics® Social Commerce solution to power their social media rewards program called Extra Friendzy!™. The solution provides customers with compelling, time sensitive and limited quantity offers through social media channels, such as Facebook.

The solution helps to fuel social advocates, strengthen customer engagement, drive in-store traffic and draw consumers to Raley’s customer rewards program–Something Extra™. This solution will ensure offers are optimized across online, mobile and in-store channels.

Revionics Social Commerce engages shoppers across their preferred touchpoints with personalized offers that create a sense of urgency, excitement and desire to come back for more.

“We want to draw customers to our loyalty program, drive store traffic and increase social media advocates and referrals,” said Hutchison. “The Revionics solution helps us achieve those goals and the targeted, social nature of our programs helps keep our competition guessing about our strategies.” 


Raley’s began using the Social Commerce solution and quickly gained valuable, actionable customer insight from the solution’s social media analytics, which provided ROI measurement, customer purchase analytics and social connectivity and influencer data. In addition, they were able to communicate and share the strong results with senior management and externally with manufacturers.

Highlights of Findings and Results Included:

  • Limited time and quantity offers draw customers in for stronger customer engagement and results 

  • The discount levels required to generate interest, postings and redemptions

  • A countdown feature makes the experience fun for customers and helps the effort become more successful
  • Raley’s leveraged Revionics Social Commerce solution for a time sensitive Charity Drive, which had strong, positive results, including:
        • 8,632 saw the offer on Facebook and 5,500 users visited the Extra Friendzy!™ site
        • Referral’s per user increased from 8% to 11%
        • View to click conversion jumped from 46% to 67% 
        • Click to post conversions grew 7 percentage points
  • Overall proven results for Raley’s Social Commerce efforts include:
        • Redemptions scored in the 23-45% range - well above the typical print rate of 1%
        • 9,295 users have used the system (10/24/2013)
        • 1,904 referral clicks
        • 172,495 impressions, 50% news feed impressions
        • 6,213 offers redeemed by 3,758 users
        • 1.65 offers redeemed per user


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