Revionics Advanced Analytics for Price

The Revionics® Price Suite delivers solutions for all retailers regardless of current pricing processes or sophistication. Gain more from your Revionics Price solution investment with the following Revionics® Advanced Analytics.

Key Value Item Analysis

Leverage data and science to take the emotion out of your key value item (KVI) decisions. Our analytics recommend key value items (KVIs) based on your shopper price response, revenue contribution and a set of key business constraints. The result is a set of recommended items to consider as KVIs that can be compared against the retailer's existing set.

Item Strategy Position Analysis (ICA)

We analyze and compare your shopper base versus promotional price response to identify groups of items by pricing strategy. These groups are promo/ad, "everyday low price" (EDLP), temporary price reduction (TRP) and margin. Armed with these insights, the right price strategy can be established and right items promoted.

Elasticity and Strategy Workbench (eBench and sBench)

We analyze how shoppers respond to your prices and use Revionics optimization science to determine your best pricing strategies at any level of your merchandise hierarchy. The strategy recommendations can be imported directly into Revionics® Price Suite software to maximize effectiveness.

Store Zone Cluster Analysis

We analyze your customer purchase behavior at individual stores and group similar stores to determine optimal pricing strategy while meeting your business constraints. We can also cluster stores at any level in your merchandise hierarchy so that stores have store zone assignments that vary by category or subcategory.

Performance Boost

We offer proactive, periodic review of data, model accuracy, pricing strategies and configurations to help ensure that you continue getting the most from your investment.

Competitive Response Analysis

We analyze competitive elasticity in addition to price elasticity to identify key competitors, key competitive value items (CVIs) and the effective competitor price and optimal competitive price gap have for each product at each store. These insights can be automatically applied in real-time to price recommendations from Revionics pricing solutions.