Revionics Advanced Analytics for Promotion

The Revionics® Promotion Suite enables retailers to deliver impactful promotions and achieve their strategic and financial objectives. Gain more from your Revionics Promotion solution investment with the following Revionics® Advanced Analytics.

Item Strategy Position Analysis (ICA)

We analyze and compare your customers’ base versus promotional price response to identify groups of items by pricing strategy. These groups are promo/ad, “everyday low price” (EDLP), temporary price reduction (TRP) and margin. Armed with these insights, the right price strategy can be established and right items promoted.

Promotion Performance Analysis

We analyze the performance of your current promotions. Leveraging your historical promotions data, we examine the effectiveness of the promotional offers on profit, revenue and units.

Promotion Strategy Workbench

Given a set of future promotional offers and your sales and promotion history, we provide the simulation of tradeoffs between different strategies. This is represented by an efficient frontier and provides a quick insight into making informed decision. We measure and report on profit, revenue, and units by offer and by category.

Promotion Vehicle Lift Analysis

We provide insights into the right promotional vehicle and tactics for the promoted products. Based on your sales and promotion history, and detailed vehicle and tactic history, we provide vehicle effectiveness drill down by product and location hierarchy.

Market Basket Analysis

Using your market basket transaction history, we measure the affinity (halo) between sub categories. The basket analysis identifies the driver subcategory pulling along the drag subcategory. Interactive visual tools provide the ability to drill into and see affinity relationships between sub categories, the drive-drag relationship and if the relationship is natural or steered.

Affinity Parameter Update

Based on your additional market basket transaction and promotion sales history, we measure the affinity (halo) between subclasses and automatically update our promotion demand model with the results. The results are more accurate promotion forecasts and optimization results.

Deal Negotiation Analysis

Does vendor provide trade funds on the items that are most effective for your business? This analysis identifies the most effective promoted items and determines the depth of funding needed to promote it profitably. A workbench provides ability to drill down and focus on items/ categories most requiring vendor funding.

Coupon Analysis

Identify which coupons are effective and what impact it has on business. Based on historical transactional sales data and coupon redemption history, this analysis provides a metrics to measure coupon effectiveness.