Rouses Increases Sales with Revionics

Optimize with Confidence  

Rouses Renews Revionics’ Pricing Optimization Solutions for Continued Success in Expanding Business

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA, May 24, 2011:  Rouses, a successful and growing family-owned grocery business with stores in 36 locations across Louisiana and Mississippi, has seen an increase in sales, in part as a result of leveraging the Revionics Price Optimization solution.   Revionics, Inc. is a leading provider of life cycle price optimization solutions that drive retail performance transformation and fast time-to-value through their unique “Optimize with Confidence” approach.  

Rouses successfully uses the Revionics Price Optimization everyday planning capabilities to implement and tune the company’s pricing strategy, which included improving their competitive edge without impacting gross margins.  Because of the substantial benefits Rouses has gained from Revionics’ price optimization recommendations over the last 2 years, Rouses has renewed Revionics’ service contract for another year and is rolling out Revionics’ pricing solutions for the new stores they will be adding in 2011.

“The speed, transparency, flexibility and ease of use of Revionics’ solutions allows us to quickly adapt to our customers’ shopping needs, wants, and patterns in a confident, strategic way,” said Malcom Landry, director of administration for Rouses Enterprises, LLC, “Investing in solutions that drive customer satisfaction is how we continue to succeed and grow.  Revionics has become a key partner to our progress.”

Rouses relies on Revionics solutions to transform retail performance in several ways:
- Rouses uses Revionics everyday price planning to model strategies and optimize their Key Value Items (KVIs).  Using Revionics’ real-time ‘what if’ solutions, they compare the results of different price strategies to make fact-based decisions.  
- Rouses fine-tunes their pricing decisions to adapt to shopper insight using Revionics’ unique weekly re-optimization capability..
- Transparency into the ‘why and how’ behind price recommendations and scenario planning results has been instrumental in allowing Rouses to be confident in pricing strategies and rapidly adopt recommendations that have driven positive results.
- The roll-out of the new pricing strategy and associated price recommendations across  products and stores has resulted in increased same store sales and enhanced gross margins, without impacting customer loyalty.   
Revionics Price Optimization is a component of its life cycle price optimization solution which also includes Revionics Promotion Optimization and Revionics Markdown Optimization. Revionics’ best-in-class lifecycle price optimization applies advanced science enabling retailers to, predict, and influence consumer demand in order to achieve financial and price image objectives.

"Retailers are facing some daunting challenges – cost increases, increasing competition, and a still fragile economy – and retail leaders that have implemented Revionics Price Optimization Software are seeing a 1 to 3 percent sales growth and 2 to 4 percent gross margin improvements to their bottom line," stated Marc Hafner, Revionics President and CEO.  "Rouses is a great example of a retailer that was an early adopter of pricing optimization to drive improved performance. We congratulate them on these results and look forward to producing even greater results as we continue our partnership.”

Revionics Life Cycle Price Optimization Enables the Intelligent Retailer

Retailers require sophisticated, scalable tools to help them plan, execute and measure their pricing strategies. Shopper-centric pricing compels a retailer to understand how consumers are behaving by store, and how they shop by item. 

Revionics’ innovative “Optimize with Confidence” approach, which is based on providing the industry’s most usable science and transparency on one platform, drives unparalleled confidence in price recommendations which accelerates adoption and ROI (return on investment). Usable science integrates and balances a retailer’s pricing rules, strategies, and operational policies with optimization science to deliver smarter pricing that aligns with category business plans and strategies.  Price transparency provides visibility into the “why” behind recommendations.  The Revionics technology leverages advanced science and an integrated forecast on one platform, enabling a coherent view of customer demand across all decision areas, including base, promotion and markdown pricing.  

About Revionics, Inc.

Revionics delivers innovative lifecycle price optimization solutions to retailers, including base, promotion, and markdown pricing.  The Revionics technology leverages an integrated forecast, enabling a coherent view of customer demand across all decision areas.  Our proprietary approach, Revenue Bionics™, applies advanced analytics and science to predict customer behavior, empowering retailers to achieve their financial objectives, improve customer loyalty, and make better, faster decisions. Our solutions are delivered on a modern, fully scalable, pay-as-you-go, software-as-a-service platform.  Over 20,000 retail locations across grocery, automotive, drug, building materials, convenience, general merchandise, and discount stores are priced using Revionics solutions.  For more information, please visit