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Author: Ruth Hamer, Marketing Director

Top rankings for Revionics appear in Innovation, ROI, Quality of Service and the All-Important Strength of Recommendation Top-10 lists

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Published in Price Optimization

Author: Alison Raffalovich, Senior Corporate Communications Director, Revionics

We have a little saying around here: the world doesn’t want to hear from us, it wants to hear from our customers.  RIS News truly understands this that in spades, and that’s why their annual leaderboard relies on retailer surveys to determine industry leaders among software vendors in the retail sector.  But best to let RIS News Editor Joe Skorupa describe it in his own words:  “The RIS Software LeaderBoard measures the wisdom of the crowd to cut through the noise of marketing messages, buzz and hype. It aggregates 747 evaluations made by 332 retailers about 50 retail technology vendors. We believe this offers an excellent way to get insight into your next tech purchase.

Published in Price Optimization