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Author: Alison Raffalovich, Senior Corporate Communications Director

I was one of the fortunate people in the standing-room-only audience for the NRF panel in January on “How to Break the ‘Death by Discount’ Cycle.” The Group Vice President of Merchandising for Sally Beauty, Linda Voracek, joined Revionics SVP of Product Strategy, Cheryl Sullivan, on a panel moderated by RSR’s Brian Kilcourse to talk about this timely topic.

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What can Colin Firth teach us about Retail?

Tuesday, 05 January 2016 00:00

Author: Will Fuentes, Retail Expert

In the 2003 hit movie “Love Actually,” Colin Firth’s character, Jamie, falls in love with Aurelia, a woman who only speaks Portuguese.  The problem is he doesn’t speak a lick of it.   But as with any great romantic this fact does not dissuade Jamie from pursuing her.  He tries to understand who she is and what she wants. He also secretly learns Portuguese and on Christmas Day he declares his love for her—in a packed restaurant.   

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