Tricia Goddard

Senior Vice President - General Counsel


Prior to joining Revionics, Tricia Goddard had a long tenure as in-house counsel for Motorola, Inc. as an intellectual property attorney and as a Director of Business Law at Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Her most recent adventure took her to India for almost two years, and while there she obtained an MBA from the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. Her experience supporting commercial (customer and supplier) relationships, software and technology licensing, and corporate transactions, together with her business acumen, are a great fit for her role as general counsel for Revionics as the company continues its domestic and international growth. Tricia is a graduate of the University of Texas, School of Law (honors), and obtained a dual B.S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.

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