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May 12, 2016

Webinar: 5 Critical Components of Advanced Pricing Strategy

Hyper-connected consumers have flipped the retail model on its head. In a race to win, hyper-competitive retailers are adopting aggressive pricing strategies to capture sales from today’s price-sensitive shoppers. Welcome to the era of real-time pricing that is forcing retailers to anticipate and respond with speed and scale to meet their customers’ expectations all the while increasing sales.

In this webinar, retailers will learn how to turn consumer and market data into actionable insights to anticipate and respond to protect competitive position, profits and margins. Experts will outline the five critical components of dynamic pricing, including:

  • Understanding your customers and their expectations
  • Identifying meaningful competitors and why customers have affinity for them
  • Taking strategic steps that align pricing with your brand and goals
  • Using multiple sources of data and advanced pricing tools
  • Making smart decisions in real time to drive sales and profits

In addition, this webinar will debunk myths about dynamic pricing and highlight methods that go beyond simple high-speed price changes and instead focus on using analytic-driven insights to deliver high-performance results.


  • Sahir Anand, VP Research & Principal Analyst, EKN Research
  • Steve Schnur, Director of Merchandise Planning, Analytics and Pricing, MGM Resorts
  • Tony Smith, Vice President, Science Services, Revionics


October 29, 2015

Dynamic Pricing Webinar Omni-Channel Shoppers Demand It: Real-Time Pricing – Anytime, Anywhere

Todd Berner, Vice President of Zebra Commerce, Zebra Technologies

Joe McCorkle, Global Retail Solutions Director, Revionics


The pace of retailing is getting even faster to meet consumers’ desires – and pricing is no exception. Competitive retailers not only have to ensure that all prices on the floor are current and compliant but also find ways to maximize same-store revenue through dynamic merchandise pricing. However, this is no easy task.


Retailers have to consider these critical components:

  • What, when, and where should merchandise prices change?
  • How can the price changes be executed in real time with scale, speed and flexibility?
  • How do I gain visibility to ensure prices I pushed to the stores have been executed?


View this on-demand webinar to find out how to execute pricing decisions at speed and scale to avoid the race to the bottom.



October 6, 2015

Key Components of a Winning Promotional Strategy: A Retailers Guide to Maximizing Promotions

Diana Mitten, Director Product Development, Revionics

Becky Gilman, Sr Manager, Solution Marketing, Revionics


Even with the best of intentions, data shows retailers get promotions wrong more times than right. A recent study by Nielsen Company found that 59% of all global promotions don’t break even. Even worse, the study also revealed that many promotions may in fact be counterproductive, suggesting many retailers can actually increase sales revenue by eliminating 22% of their trade promotions.


Are your promotions fulfilling the strategy behind them? During this 1-hour webinar, we will provide more insight to help you understand just how to get started.



September 15, 2015

Retail Pricing in a Dynamic Promotional World

Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner, RSR Research


Mark Schwans, Senior Director of Solution Marketing, Revionics


The complexities of promotions have exploded. Retailers want to change, but are stuck in the endless “death by discount” cycle, which destroys margins. It’s time to put the brakes on ad-hoc promotions and close the gaps. Find out how to eliminate wasted promotional spend during this 1-hour webinar, Retail Pricing in a Dynamic Promotional World, featuring Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner, RSR Research and Mark Schwans, Senior Director, Revionics.




June 19, 2014

webinar_MinimizingMarkdownSpendMinimize Markdown Spend

Kavindra Malik, Optimization Guru, Columbus Consulting

Kathy Beck, Planning & Pricing SME, Revionics


Watch this webinar to discover best practices in markdown strategy, implementation, change management and business processes as well as case studies highlighting key learnings:

      • Shallower, earlier marks are more profitable
      • Localized marks minimize spend
      • Adapting 'On-the-Fly' limits deeper next steps
      • Increased granularity improves sell-thru


May 15, 2014

webinar 5-15-14The Pricing Paradox: RSR Benchmark Report 2014

Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner, RSR

Dick O'Brien, Director of Product Marketing, Revionics


During this webinar, Revionics and RSR explore the current state of pricing in the retail industry. Topics that are covered include:

      • Optimization technology enablers
      • Overcoming organizational inhibitors
      • Current promotional fever and its effects


Mar. 26, 2014

webinar 3 26 14From Food to Fashion - Maximizing Markdown Effectiveness

Paula Rosenblum, Managing Partner, RSR

Nikki Baird, Managing Partner, RSR

Kathy Beck, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Revionics


Revionics and RSR have joined forces in this webinar to compile information from RSR’s most recent benchmarks to better understand what retail winners from food to fashion are doing in markdowns to:

      • Maximize Return on Inventory Investment
      • Localize Markdown Cadence & Discounts
      • Prioritize Markdown Decisions to Labor & Budget Constraints


Feb. 13, 2014

(US) Compete More Profitably with Strategic Pricing

Vol Pigrukh, CEO & Co-Founder
at Profitero

Kathy Beck, Senior Director
Product Marketing at Revionics


This webinar discusses how to:

      • Enable retailers to make faster, more profitable pricing decisions to maximise sales and increase margins
      • Systematically operationalise the use of online competitor data in pricing strategy


 Feb. 11, 2014

(EMEA) Compete More Profitably with Strategic Pricing

Vol Pigrukh, CEO & Co-Founder
at Profitero

Kathy Beck, Senior Director
Product Marketing at Revionics


This webinar discusses how retailers across the globe are able to grow margins 3-5% by coupling the rapid collection of online competitor price intelligence with demand-based science and predictive analytics to surgically execute competitive positioning strategies.


Nov. 13, 2013

Boost Loyalty & Outmaneuver Your Competitors with Social Powered Offers

Dick O’Brien, Director of Product Marketing for Social Commerce

In this webinar, Dick O'Brien discusses how to:

      • Create loyalty through social engagement with "stealth promotions"
      • Turn loyalty into new customer acquisition and cash register rings
      • Measure ROI at each touch point


Nov. 6, 2013

Merchandising Today: Navigating Change and New Competition

Paula Rosenblum and Steve Rowan Managing Partners at RSR Research

Vaughn Roller, Vice President of Assortment and Space for Revionics

This webinar highlights the 6th annual RSR Merchandising Today Benchmark Report 2013


Sept. 26, 2013

RSR's 2013 Benchmark Report
Retail Marketing Report 2013: Organizational Drift

Nikki Baird, RSR Research

Dick O'Brien, Revionics Director of Product Marketing for Social Commerce

In this webinar Nikki Baird of RSR Research reviews results of their 2013 Retail Marketing Benchmark Report.

This benchmark study examines the dynamics in the fast-changing process of delivering on
 customer expectations including:

      • The brand promise
      • The product value proposition
      • The shopping experience


June 27, 2013

Top Trends in Category Management: Accelerating Maturity & Sophistication

Gordon Wade, Managing Partner and Director of Best Practices for the Category Management Association

Vaughn Roller, Vice President of Assortment and Space for Revionics

For additional insight, we would like to offer you these valuable materials:

      • Click here to view the PDF deck from the Webinar.
      • Click here to view a Q&A document, which was developed from questions attendees had after the webinar.


May 2, 2013

Tough Love: An In Depth Look at Retail Pricing Practices

Paula Rosenblum, Managing Partner at RSR Research

Scott Miller, Retail Price Management at Big Y World Class Markets

Kathy Beck, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Revionics

In this webinar RSR discusses key findings, Big Y shares their perspective on using price optimization technology and the benefits that they have received.

For more insight click here to download RSR's Benchmark Pricing Report.


March 27, 2013

Price Optimisation: New tools facilitate pricing in an omni-channel world

Miya Knights, Senior Retail Technology Analyst at Planet Retail

Scott Miller, Retail Price Management at BigY Foods

Kathleen Egan, Vice President of Price Strategy for Revionics


March 7, 2013

Drive Purchases and Win Customers Thru Strategic Social Commerce

Greg Girard, Program Director at IDC Retail Insights

Michelle Crames, VP of Revionics Social Commerce


December 13, 2012

Revionics® Social Commerce | Turning Buzz Into Business

Michelle Crames, VP of Revionics Social Commerce


September 13, 2012

Optimizing Assortment to Reinvigorate Retail


Paula Rosenblum, RSR Research 

Kathy Beck, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Revionics



August 29, 2012

Protect Your Turf and Increase Margins by 2-5% with Price Optimization

Dimitry Erez, Vice President at Boston Retail Group

Mike Isom, Senior Director of Pricing Strategy for Revionics


May 17, 2012

Retail Pricing in a Post-channel World

Paula Rosenblum, RSR Research

TJ Ryan, Revionics Senior Director of Client Engagement


February 23, 2012

Mastering Markdowns to Maximize Margins

Greg Girard, Program Director, Merchandise Strategies, IDC Retail Insights

Kathleen Egan, Vice President of Price Strategy, Revionics



October 5, 2011

Your World Without Weather: How successful retailers turn pricing blind spots into a competitive advantage

Evan Gold, VP Client Services at Planalytics

Jeff Moore, VP Science, Development and Innovation at Revionics



July 24, 2011

Retail TouchPoints Presents: Pricing Success in an Inflationary Economy

Mark Kelso, Director of Pricing for Pamida

Cheryl Sullivan, Vice President of Product Management at Revionics



May 12, 2011

RSR Presents: Optimizing Price in a Transparent World

Paula Rosenblum, Managing Director, RSR Research

Kathleen Egan, VP of Professional Services, Revionics



January 19, 2011

Maximizing Promotion Value: Gartner and Willard Bishop Present Strategies for 2011 and Beyond

Kevin Sterneckert, Gartner, and Craig Rosenblum, Willard Bishop



May 27, 2010

The Path to Purchase:
How Shoppers are Taking Control


Keith Anderson, Senior Analyst, RetailNet Group



April 15, 2010

Improve Deal Quality, Enhance Productivity with Revionics Collaborate

Susan Boyme, VP Marketing, and Richard Huston, Director of Solutions Consulting



April 8, 2010

Good, Better, Best
Effective Strategies for Private Label

Mike Isom, Managing Principal Consulting



March 4, 2010

Increasing Pricing Sophistication
"Improving Accuracy & Effectiveness of Pricing Strategies"

Kathy Beck, Vice President, P3= Planning and Pricing and Promotions



Dec. 16, 2009

Weather-Intelligence Pricing:
How Businesses Can Improve Profitability

Evan Gold, VP Client Service, Planalytics