Advanced Visual Predictive Analytics for Faster Decisions

The Revionics® Workbenches are highly interactive solutions that enable retailers to visualize vast amounts of complex information at each level of the item/store hierarchy – providing a macro to micro view. This ease of use visualization can reduce decision times from a week to minutes.  The first two Workbenches available for retailers include:

Elasticity Workbench (E-Workbench™): Provides a visual representation of price sensitivity values and distributions, as well as revenue and profit contribution at each level of the item/store hierarchy.  Using this new capability, retailers can assess the most profitable pricing opportunities across their business and quickly modify their pricing strategies. The Workbenches can also be used to help retailers better understand their mix of price sensitive and price insensitive merchandise, and how they may differ across stores and zones. The Elasticity Workbench features easy drill-down/drill-up capabilities, highly interactive graphs and the ability to identify opportunities to drive traffic, defend turf, grow revenue, adjust volume and enhance profit margins.

Strategy Simulation Workbench (S²-Workbench™): Confirms or guides retailers through the selection of the optimal price strategy through the visualization of predicted impacts on units, revenue, and profits.  These predicted impacts are viewable in two ways:  1) by strategy or pricing scenario – use this view to visualize predicted impacts across numerous categories, subcategories or products and 2) by product/store hierarchy combination – see how impact predictions vary across numerous pricing strategy scenarios.  The benefits of the S²-Workbench are easier and faster set-up or adjustment of pricing strategies and a deeper understanding of result drivers.

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