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We provide SaaS-based pricing, promotion, markdown and space solutions. Retailers in all segments across the world adopt our self-funding model to improve top-line sales, demand and margin. Our customers gain that competitive edge and improve their value proposition while outmaneuvering competitor price aggressiveness.

The Race for Relevance: How Retailers Can Lead in an Age of Disruption

What Drives Us

Retail has become a hostile environment, where tech-savvy, non-brand loyal shoppers combined with the psychological after-effects of the Great Recession have changed the face of retail. The rapid embrace of digital commerce and the merging of the online and B&M continue to create new challenges for retailers.

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Our Story

Not every story is about immediate, explosive success. Sometimes it’s a story of commitment, an indomitable spirit, continuous innovation, and the patience to bring a revolutionary vision to fruition. And that in turn creates a strong foundation focused on values, customers and solutions that work.

From our founding in 2002, focused on a single sector within retail, with a single product, in a small office in California, Revionics has steadily built up a global presence that today serves all retail sectors and every geography. With our portfolio of nearly 20 management and optimization products spanning pricing, promotions, markdowns and space, Revionics is humbled to serve the best retailers in the world – and those that are on their way to becoming the best.

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During the days of first-generation price optimization solutions, at a time where science in retail was viewed as voodoo, our founder Jeff Smith nurtured the concept that there could be a better way. He went on to form Revionics around that new-generation vision, and to this day we remain committed to his goal: To help retail businesses and everyday users solve complex pricing challenges leveraging the latest machine learning science with a completely transparent process, usable in an intuitive way that fits into retailers’ normal business flows.

In 2002 this was a radical approach built on four foundational pillars:

  1. A SaaS-based architecture for fast ROI
  2. Productized, transparent science
  3. Machine learning algorithms that continue to evolve with changing market conditions and shopper behaviors for built-in future-proofing
  4. A supportive culture focusing on both our people and customers’s well-being

While these can now be commonplace, and often even thrown around as buzzwords, these pillars have been at the heart of all Revionics solutions from Day 1.

By partnering with our customers over the years, Revionics has continued to pioneer new capabilities and offerings. We innovate organically through aggressive internal R&D investment to deliver breakthroughs such as dynamic pricing, and the latest promotion and markdown optimization capabilities. And we continue to expand our offerings and capabilities through strategic, targeted acquisitions.

Revionics remains dedicated to our goal of helping businesses solve their complex challenges through leveraging science in a manner that businesses understand and that delivers measurable impact. We are honored to have customers that have been with us for multiple years and excited to see them continuously recoup their investments.