The Experts Weigh in on Critical Retail Issues

The Experts Weigh in on Critical Retail Issues

The Experts Weigh in on Critical Retail Issues
May 12, 2017 Liz Krupka - Global Marketing Manager

Retailers are justifiably hungry for information, knowledge and research to help them best position for success in today’s turbulent and ever-changing retail waters. And it’s a daunting landscape. 56% of consumers are willing to shop an out-of-country retailer if they deemed the prices to be better (source: PwC Total Retail 2016). Today’s consumers are no longer brand-loyal but are price-loyal and they constantly do comparison shopping, in-store and online, 24/7. Today like at no time before, it’s absolutely crucial that retailers keep up-to-date on the latest in pricing strategies, technologies and research.

And Revionics’ experts have been extremely busy offering their in-depth insight in a variety of media outlets – check out these highlights below. And if you have any topics you’d like to see Revionics weigh in on, please send me an email at!

Recent Expert Articles from Revionics Experts:

Independent Retailer: Retail Price and Promotion Imperatives for 2017
Revionics Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer Cheryl Sullivan draws from her own deep industry knowledge as well as recent EKN research to identify these imperatives, noting that “To remain competitive and relevant to the customer, retailers must act now to build strong pricing and promotion capabilities that leverage deep analytics to deliver responsive pricing, promotions, and markdowns in line with market demand, consumer elasticity, and competitive trends.” Read the full article to see how Cheryl recommends retailers take action to make their business more competitive and drive measurable ROI.

Apparel Magazine, Start Styling Your Markdowns for Success: Five Strategies for Profitable Discounting
In this article, Cheryl delves into the apparel retailers’ world, identifying five key ways to rethink discounting approaches to create dynamic, results-oriented markdown plans and execution.

APAC CIO Outlook, Mastering the Art and Science of Pricing
Here our APAC Regional Director Scott Gillies breaks down successful price optimization adoption into Crawl, Walk and Run phases that enable retailers to drive incremental ROI while adopting at a pace that suits their unique business environments.

Total Retail, How to Create a Modern Markdown Strategy
Cheryl’s back, this time with insights into how retailers can combine art and science for optimal markdown strategies. As she notes, “By combining the art of their profession with contemporary data analytics and science, retailers can leverage advanced markdown solutions that decipher influencers and the discounts that shape behavior.”

Stayed tuned for future articles that spotlight Revionics industry experts. And to read about some of our retail customers in the news, click here!