Enhancing Customer Trust and Competitive Position in the “New Normal”

Hear from two leading retailers as we discuss growing customer trust, staying competitive and maximising profit in the face of unknowns and uncertainties resulting from the pandemic.


Advanced Tactics to Win the Price War with Price Optimisation and ESLs

Gain insights into the advanced tactics and powerful efficiencies that could realized from using price optimisation and ESLs holistically.


Solution Adoption in Retail: Why ‘Buy vs Build’ is a False Choice Webinar

Watch our latest analyst webinar where we discuss RSR’s findings on what to consider and how to decide when facing whether to buy or build, particularly when it comes to new software.


Dynamic Duo: Synergieeffekte von Preisoptimierung und ESLs

German Webinar on Pricing Strategies & DSL’s


Price IQ: Tips & Tricks for Smarter Pricing

Welcome to your secret weapon for a stronger pricing strategy. Price IQ is a mini webinar series designed to give you actionable retail pricing insights in 25 minutes or less.