Advanced Analytics

Accelerate ROI with Advanced Analytical Expertise

Fast-track your company’s path to success and drive a higher, faster return on your price, promotion and markdown investments. Our customers frequently count Advanced Analytics among their top reasons for “why Revionics.” By offering deep expertise and the latest science, you’ll get optimal results tuned directly for immediate use for your business and solutions.

Bring your solutions to life and accelerate ROI.

Know which Items Your Customers Care About

The more you know your customers, the better. Understand which products they value most and how these items drive your core business and shopper perceptions. Leverage data and science to identify and refine key value items (KVIs) based on your customers’ price response, price perception, revenue contribution and key business metrics.

Determine the Right Pricing Strategy

Ensure that your pricing strategies are effective and drive your objectives. Analyze how shoppers respond to your prices and use science to determine the best pricing strategies at any level of your merchandise hierarchy. Compare and refine as an ongoing process to ensure maximum results as your business and conditions evolve.

Identify and Respond to Your Key Competitors

Go beyond traditional rules and competitive sets. Identify which competitors matter to your customers based on competitive and price elasticity. Leverage competitive and your own price history to analyze how shoppers respond to competitive price changes. Determine the relative importance of each competitor, and respond intelligently and strategically.

Gain a Detailed Analysis of Your Promotions Performance

Understand each offer’s impact on profit, revenue and units along with other metrics important to your business. Avoid pitfalls such as promoting the wrong items or excessive discounts that fail to reach their desired goals. With in-depth insight into historical offer effectiveness based on facts and science, you’ll improve your promotional performance moving forward.

Determine How Stores and the Online Channel Should Align

Strategically group your stores, categories and online channel for optimal performance. By analyzing customer sales patterns, elasticity, demographics and other attributes, you’ll maximize your opportunities and align your brand, categories and selling outlets to your customer base. Stay ahead of changing demographics and patterns as they shift over time.

Get Answers to the Tough Questions

Take advantage of Advanced Analytics to get the answers you’ve been seeking. Powerful analytics spanning multiple areas across pricing, promotions and markdowns deliver invaluable insights and knowledge. Leverage our latest science and expertise to obtain a detailed deal analysis, key value analysis, coupon analysis, competitive response analysis, item cluster analysis, or one of the many other analyses available to help accelerate your ROI. Just ask.

Analyze Pricing

Analyze pricing strategies and demonstrate value to ensure your pricing is always right. Identify KVIs, item and store zone clusters, key competitors and more.

Analyze Promotions

Analyze all aspects of your promotions and strategies to maximize response and future returns. Evaluate promotional performance, vehicle lift, market basket, coupons and more.

Analyze Markdowns

Evaluate and improve markdown strategies and events. For each event, analyze the tradeoffs in profit, revenue, units and inventory cleared across markdown strategies.