Competitive Insights

Uncover What Your Customers See and Your Competitors Do

Understand your customers’ perspective of the retail landscape, and easily leverage the latest data to stay ahead of the competition. User emulation ensures accurate competitive matches, and results improve over time with machine learning and user-guided inputs. With real-time insights you’ll discover your competitive position and your competitors’ pricing and assortment strategies, enabling you to better serve your customers, exploit hidden opportunities, and achieve a higher ROI.

Understand Your Competitive Positioning

How do your prices, promotions and assortments compare with your competitors? Easily identify margin opportunities by pinpointing where your competitors are above market, similarly priced, below market, or out of stock. Get visibility by best sellers, price range, brand, category and product for a clear picture of your competitive position and areas to drive strategic action.

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Gain Insight into Your Competitors’ Pricing Strategies and Tactics

Zero in on your competitors’ pricing strategies, tactics and capabilities. Analyze competitive pricing history and trends, and transform these insights into a competitive edge. Compare competitors’ price changes and data by brand, supplier, product and category over a specific time period with your own pricing actions during that time to gauge competitive response and plan accordingly.

Improve Product Matching

Go beyond scraping competitive websites to find product matches. Get more accurate, relevant results by emulating how shoppers actually search, compare and learn about items. Use relevant attributes, private label information, product condition and more. You see what your customers see. Built-in intelligence leverages and learns from search results for continuous improvement, so you always have the most accurate information.

Add Extra Edge to Your Revionics Solution Investment

Competitive Data & Insights supplements our integrated solution suites. It delivers critical competitive and market intelligence so you can make informed decisions and take timely action. Augment and boost your solution investments with this extra competitive advantage as your business grows and your strategies evolve.

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