Dynamic Pricing

Respond to Their Signals

Move beyond price matching and dynamically price for shoppers. Leverage machine learning science and competitive and shopper insights to price at the right time, against the right competitors, on the right items, and in the right channels. Stay ahead and deliver your brand promise while achieving your strategic and financial goals.

Exceed Shopper Expectations. Exceed Your Objectives.

Price for Shoppers — Whenever, Wherever

Today’s consumers identify price as a top shopping experience priority across every channel. You have an instant to make an impression and capture the sale. Add in frequent competitive price changes, and it is imperative to proactively understand consumer price sensitivity and other buying influences. Dynamic pricing ensures that you can respond in the right prices at the right time for the always-on, omni-channel shopper.

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Establish Position and Price against Meaningful Competitors

Uncover your true competition. Leverage science-based analytics to pinpoint which competitors, in which regions, influence consumer demand throughout the season, month or day. Intelligently determine when to act, or not to act, in seconds. With clear insight into consumer reaction to both your and your competitors’ price changes, you can effectively hone your competitive positioning and pricing to achieve your strategic objectives.

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Use Strategies and Science, not Just Rules

Go further and combine machine learning science to ensure that any price adjustments align with your strategies and overall metrics. Dynamically and profitably reoptimize prices that resonate with shoppers and deliver valuable insights at the enterprise, category and item levels.

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Automate Decisions, Elevate Exceptions, Retain Control

Automate price changes your way. You control how much or how little you review before execution. Set automatic approval for pricing that meets your parameters driven by your strategies, targets and rules, and anything outside your defined threshold is immediately elevated for user action. Get the right balance of automation and exception management that works for your business, and refine as your confidence in the system grows.

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