Price Yourself into Their Hearts

Price remains king. As the top priority of consumers, your prices must be relevant in all channels. This means pricing that reflects your brand, competitive positioning and consumer demand at every moment so you are never priced too high or too low.

Take advantage of proven machine learning science, sophisticated rule-sets, a SaaS model, and leading competitive analytics in use at retailers across the globe to price yourself into your customers’ hearts.

Make Customers Happy — Everywhere

Meet shopper expectations and build trust and loyalty with relevant pricing for your offering. Get complete channel strategy management, alignment and localization. Optimize pricing at the national, region or zone level, and support localized pricing at the market or store level for improved competitive positioning, price management and shopper satisfaction.

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Crush Your Competition

Gain next-level competitiveness by keeping your customers close and the right competitors closer. Understand what, how and why your customers buy. Pinpoint which competitors truly affect demand by region, category and product. Identify price sensitivity and the competitive elasticity effect on demand. Knowing those answers puts you in the best position to price for every channel, key competitor and influence.

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Expand as Your Needs Change

Just as pricing is no longer a set-and-forget function, neither is your unique pricing journey. Evolve your pricing capabilities in line with your changing business needs while achieving significant returns at each step along the way. A phased “crawl, walk, run” approach enables you to grow and build on your success. Easily add additional components as you forge your own path to ongoing pricing sophistication.

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Predict and Plan for Change

Proceed with pricing confidence by testing and refining. Simulate different strategies, rules and constraints while maintaining your pricing goals. Forecast and compare the impact on sales, margin and profit. You’ll eliminate costly mistakes by predicting and validating results before rollout. You can also intelligently adjust for new competitors or for changing economic conditions.

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Strategically Manage Rules and Constraints

With pricing consistency and adherence to company pricing rules, vendor policies and competitive positioning, you’ll seamlessly execute prices across your stores and channels. Benefit from a streamlined approval-based workflow, rule-based security, and forecast visibility to make the best strategic pricing decisions while breaking free from spreadsheets and simplistic pricing tools.

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Dynamically Price to Market Changes

Change is constant. Keep your pricing fresh and make intelligent price changes at the right frequency for specific channels, competitors, categories, brands and items. Only Revionics supports the strategic end-to-end dynamic pricing process with real-time competitive and shopper insights, competitive alert reoptimization, and competitive response science to ensure that you successfully execute your pricing strategy, brand image and customer promise.

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Accelerate ROI with Advanced Analytics

Often cited as their secret weapon, our customers leverage Advanced Analytics to quickly get the most from their Revionics pricing investment. Benefit from our unique expertise and science-driven knowledge and insights that you can implement immediately. Improve processes, demonstrate value and evaluate strategies to fast-track your results.

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