Promote Your Desired Outcome

Reach shoppers on their terms while building brand, loyalty and margin. Break the cycle of ineffective promotions using prescriptive analytics that focus on consumer buying influences, forecast demand, and deliver the best promotions to meet your strategic goals. Leading-edge science uncovers consumer shopping patterns, vehicle impact, cross-item effects, and vendor influence, empowering you to promote your desired outcome.

Entice Customers

Shoppers expect offers that are relevant to them, and they are unforgiving if retailers don’t understand. Become close to consumers as they unveil what resonates within. Craft offers that deliver what they want while still aligning to your own strategic and financial goals. You’ll drive both sales and margin while fulfilling their desires. It’s so good that it’s a little bad.

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Eliminate the Losers, Create Winners

Put an end to over-promotion and ineffective, unprofitable offers. Get immediate visibility into which promotions are working and which aren’t, and use that insight to start promoting more effectively. With scientific promotional analysis, promotional breakdowns, and pre, post and in-flight reporting, you can easily identify under-performers, highlight winners, and exploit new opportunities.

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Promote the Right Items with the Right Vehicles

Strategically identify the right products to promote by analyzing promotional effectiveness. Rank product groups based on historical performance to discover which items are important. You can also break down promotional lift by vehicle to pinpoint the greatest impact for each vehicle and vehicle combination. By optimizing your vehicle mix and item selection for each promotion, you’ll ensure that you maximize your investments and track to your targets.

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Make Decisions Based on Science

It’s risky to try new promotions when you can’t accurately predict results. Get the confidence of facts and science to drive your promotion decisions instead of relying on historical sales. Simulate vendor deals and strengthen your negotiating position. Accurately forecast performance and simulate promotional offers with side-by-side comparisons to understand tradeoffs, and select the best offer based on your strategies and targets.

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Gain Market Basket Insights and Understand Cross-Item Impacts

Identify market basket relationships to understand how promotions affect other products and shopper behavior. Uncover driver/drag relationships and affinity strengths to determine the right discount depth and frequency of promoting items together. Forecast the cross-item impacts of both affinity and cannibalization to predict overall promotional impact to your business. These insights will steer your product selection, placement and promotional offer decisions for your desirable outcome.

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Accelerate ROI with Advanced Analytics

Often cited as their secret weapon, our customers leverage Advanced Analytics to quickly get the most from their Revionics promotions investment. Benefit from our unique expertise and science-driven knowledge and insights that you can implement immediately. Improve processes, demonstrate value and evaluate strategies to fast-track your results.

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