Defining your current price perception and laying the foundation for improvement 

When it comes to your pricing, do consumers see what you want them to see? Establishing a strong price perception in the market helps retailers influence consumer buying behavior and build a firm competitive position.

But before you can implement a strategy to enhance your price perception, it is important to conduct the right preparations and lay the groundwork for success.

In part one, we will cover:

  •  Pricing accordingly for your brand
  •  Transparency in pricing
  •  Why you need a balanced approach
  •  Investing in the right technology
  •  Dynamic pricing for agile decisions

About the Author

Learn how to build a strong base for your price perception strategy with insights from Matthew Pavich, our Director of Global Strategic Consulting with over 20 years of retail pricing experience at top brands like Target.

Part 2 is now live! Click here to download.

Price Perception guide

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