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METRO France Deploys Revionics Price Optimization and Analytic Services to Better Serve its Professional Customers with Consistent and Fair Pricing

Outstanding Adoption and Execution Noted Across Nearly 100 Locations

AUSTIN, TX - (January 13, 2020) – As one of the earliest of a growing number of METRO AG companies to adopt Revionics Price Optimization, METRO France is showing strong results in its mission to deliver consistent and fair pricing in its locations nationwide. In addition to Revionics Price Optimization, METRO France is also leveraging Revionics Key Value Item Analysis and Elasticity Workbench to deliver targeted, focused and cohesive prices to its food processor customers while increasing customer engagement.

“Now 18 months into our pricing journey with Revionics, METRO France is showing measurable business impact in our mission to better serve customers with prices that are consistent across the business as well as targeted against competitors where it matters most to our shoppers,” noted Nicolas de Lavigerie, Chief Offer and Customer Officer for METRO France. “Much of our business focuses on the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering sector, and for them stable, consistent prices are imperative so they are not burdened with frequent menu price changes. With data-driven pricing and with strong adoption and execution, we are reliably bringing that consistent price strategy to life at the shelf.”

“With Revionics Price Optimization, we are seeing much stronger and more strategic collaboration across our pricing and category management teams to drive consistent customer-focused price execution,” said METRO France Head of Pricing and Master Data, Margot Simon-Beaulieu. “We now systematically define and execute around price family and private label gaps across a broad assortment. We are seeing the benefits of improved customer price perception while also structuring for a healthy sustainable business model.”

“We value the strong and growing collaboration with the METRO family of companies, and we look to METRO France as an outstanding example of a strategic, disciplined pricing culture that benefits both its customers and its business goals,” said Revionics Chairman and CEO Marc H. Hafner. “Through meticulous planning and a highly focused category onboarding process, the METRO France and Revionics teams have achieved high-impact business results with outstanding adoption. It’s exciting to work side by side with innovators at METRO France to deliver long-term business success.”

About METRO Cash & Carry

With more than 750 wholesale stores in 25 countries, METRO Cash & Carry is the leading international player in wholesale trade and is the largest sales line of METRO GROUP: customer-focused, international and innovative. The distinctive business concept is oriented towards helping professional customers to successfully run their own businesses. Celebrating its 50th birthday in 2014, the wholesale company strives to be championing the passion, ambition, creativity and flexibility of independent business.

About Revionics, Inc.

Revionics is a global SaaS provider of science-based pricing, promotion, space and competitive insight for innovative retailers. Revionics helps retailers around the world gain a competitive edge by managing and optimizing their pricing, promotions, markdowns, and space. Created by retail experts, Revionics’ cloud-based SaaS solutions deliver amazing year-over-year ROI with an attractive total cost of ownership.

Embracing the retail and science in its core DNA, Revionics delivers machine learning solutions that retailers use to translate shopper insights and competitive response into high-impact results. With Revionics, retailers gain leading-edge capabilities, an invested partner and an evolving solution for today’s dynamic retail landscape.

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