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Sweden’s Largest Pharmacy Chain Apotek Hjärtat Renews Agreement for Revionics’ Intelligent Pricing Platform

AUSTIN, TX – April 13, 2021 – Revionics, an Aptos Company, a provider of retail pricing, promotion, markdown and advanced analytics solutions, has renewed its agreement with Apotek Hjärtat, Sweden’s largest pharmacy chain. The collaboration between the two organizations first began in 2016 and is now being extended.

Revionics’ solutions support pricing and promotional strategies that adapt to customers’ evolving behaviors. With Revionics’ tools, companies can offer more targeted pricing, deliver optimal business results and maximize promotional efficiency. Apotek Hjärtat’s sister company, Rimi Baltic, also uses Revionics’ solutions.

“Apotek Hjärtat, Rimi Baltic and other companies in the ICA group have loyal customers thanks to their fantastic brands, a broad ecosystem and a flexible, data-driven strategy for operational excellence,” said Aptos President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Towe.

“A ‘pharmacy with a heart’ is extremely important, both now and in the future,” he continued. “We are proud to strengthen our relationship with Apotek Hjärtat and support its business with a winning pricing strategy in all channels, in a competitive and dynamic retail environment.”

“With Revionics’ AI-driven price optimization solutions, we have become even more data-driven and can give our customers the most attractive offers in store and online, which in turn leads to better results for Apotek Hjärtat,” said Jenny Eriksson, Assortment and Purchasing Director at Apotek Hjärtat.

“As we look to grow our market share, including in e-commerce, we are confident that Revionics’ technology will help us increase our sales and profitability, improve our price perception, and give our customers greater value,” she concluded.

About Revionics, an Aptos Company

Revionics LLC, an Aptos Company, provides enterprise retailers around the world with leading, science-based solutions for pricing, promotions, markdowns and competitive insights to illuminate their way on the lifecycle pricing optimization journey. As a trusted partner for top retailers across a variety of industries and markets, Revionics delivers unparalleled results in ROI, profit lift, process efficiencies and more.

Powered by robust analytics and advanced AI models, Revionics equips retailers with clarity and confidence to make optimal pricing decisions. With science at the center, Revionics’ machine learning capabilities translate consumer, competitor and market data into actionable insights and transparent pricing recommendations for high-impact results.

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