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Advanced Tactics to Win the Price War with Price Optimisation and ESLs

Having the right pricing at the shelf edge is a key weapon in the retail price war, yet price optimization and ESLs are generally evaluated as separate projects.

This webinar will demonstrate the powerful efficiencies that could be realized, if these two technologies were considered holistically.

Watch this webinar to gain insights into:

  • How to protect and boost your profits by embracing price optimisation and ESLs holistically
  • Which retail capabilities are prerequisites to win consumer engagement
  • How your consumers react to changing prices
  • Implementation strategies for dynamic pricing: the do's and don'ts
  • Store automation: ESL use cases
  • The holistic business case: how to reduce your payback period

View the OnDemand webinar today.


About the Speakers

Hosted by retail expert, Chris Field, this webinar features insights from Anastasia Laska, VP EMEA at Revionics Inc. and Duncan Potter, CMO at Pricer, who will discuss the untapped potential of price optimization and ESL’s by enabling a fully automated process.