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Driving an agile, forward-looking pricing organization with Pricing Fluency 

Pricing in the age of uncertainty calls for the alignment of your processes, strategy, people and technology. 

In order to have a pricing organization that is truly responsive in times of disruption and leading the way towards future profits, retailers need Pricing Fluency. 

Retailers that have achieved the alignment and optimization of their processes, strategy, people and technology see an average of 2-4% profit lift above their non-pricing-fluent competition.

In this eBook, we introduce you to the concept of Pricing Fluency and how retailers can leverage a unified, science-driven, optimized pricing strategy to drive higher profit lift and achieve greater adaptability. 

What you’ll find inside:

  • What is Pricing Fluency? 
  • Why Pricing-Fluent organizations outperform the rest 
  • How to become Pricing Fluent 

And more. 

About the Author 

Matthew Pavich, Revionics Director of Global Strategic Consulting, has over 20 years of retail pricing experience at top brands like Target. 

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