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Price IQ: Tips & Tricks for Smarter Pricing

Raise Your Price IQ in 25 Minutes or Less

Welcome to your secret weapon for a stronger pricing strategy. Price IQ is a mini webinar series designed to give you actionable retail pricing insights in 25 minutes or less. Register to access our library of videos, plus receive notifications for newly released episodes.

Content designed for leading retailers

Insights from Top Pricing Experts 

Learn from some of our best Data Scientists and Pricing Strategists as they cover relevant topics and challenges retailers face today. 

Real Strategies for Your Brand 

Each mini webinar will provide you with pricing information and methods you can implement quickly to get results fast. 

Fresh Episodes Delivered to You 

Receive the latest videos sent straight to you, so you never miss an episode. That's new, impactful tips in your inbox every week! 


What’s inside 

Leveraging a Competitive Pricing Strategy 

Competition-based pricing is a natural first step for retailers looking to optimize their pricing. Walk through the ways competitive pricing can improve your business performance, and how to build a strong and agile competition-based pricing strategy. 

Pricing Fluent Organizations 

Pricing fluency allows companies to optimize revenue, adjust for disruptions, adapt to competitor price changes, and more. Discuss the four key areas of focus when developing as a pricing fluent organization: strategy, people, process, and technology. 

Perception is Reality: Establishing Price Perception 

Three questions you can ask to determine what your price perception is, and whether or not you are making decisions based on the right perception. Why price perception is important to your competitive strategy. 

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